Wordless Wednesday – Caption This!

Honey the Golden Retriever with an elephant toy




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  1. “I do believe that’s my elephant. Now give it back.”

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh Daddy you swaped me for an elephant? Have a wondereful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I told you Honey, being your handler at BlogPaws is a lot of work, here play with this elephant for a minute and let me rest.

  4. I will share my toy, for a treat.

  5. You look bored, so here’s a toy. I’ll just, uh, wait here until you’re done with it.

  6. I can still see you!

  7. Nighty, Night. Sleep tight.

  8. Dad – “just five more minutes”

    Pup – “you always say that. Get up, let’s play”

    Oh wait, I might just be repeating what happens at my house all the time. Nobody let’s me sleep.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  9. Does my toy smell funny?

  10. “I said I wanted to play fetch with the elephant, not watch you sniff it dad!”
    I hopped by via Blog Paws Hop. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  11. Woof! Woof! “Get Up n Play with ME” Happy Wednesday. Lots of golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. “Maybe if I just hold this toy here, Honey will play with it on her own and let me nap.” 😉

    Cute photo!

  13. “I wonder which one will squeak the loudest if I bite its nose…”

  14. “If I pounce now – he’ll think the elephant did it!”

  15. Hey! You said we were going to play!!

  16. Mike: I got your tail!

    Honey: I’m going to get your big ear