Wordless Wednesday – Adoptable Lacey in Upstate New York

In honor of the sixth annual Grapehounds Wine Tour, I present:


Gorges Greyhound Lacey

I'm beautiful, affectionate, and don't eat or chase small critters. Who could ask for anything more? I'd love a new home with you and your family dog.


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  1. What a sweetie. Great picture too. Our big boy is 1/2 greyhound, and he is a major cuddle bug.

  2. So pretty, she is. I can’t believe I used to think greyhounds did not make good pets. What would I be without the blogosphere?

    I love the idea of a wine tour to raise money!

  3. Wow, she is quite the beauty. Were I able, I’d take a good look at her in a heartbeat.

  4. What an awesome beauty! Someone smart will snap her up!

  5. Lacey is a beauty!!

  6. Awww! She’s a beauty! It’s pictures like hers that make me want to give the speech like the cat lady on eHarmony did!

  7. For a second I thought I was on a Greyhound blog;) Lacey looks like a gorgeous girl. I hope she gets snapped up soon.

  8. She looks so stoic! I hope she finds a home soon!!

  9. She is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!