Wordless Wednesday – Adoptable Harley

Harley – American Eskimo/Pug Mix

Harley - American Eskimo/Pub mix at Tompkins County SPCA

How could anyone resist this face?

Harley - American Eskimo/Pug Mix for Adoption at Tompkins County SPCA

I have a big dog's spirit in a little dog's body. I like dogs and cats and running around everywhere. But I don't like sharing my food so don't ask me.


Tompkins County SPCA March for the Animals

Saturday, Honey and I will be marching to support the work of the Tompkins County SPCA, the first open-admission, no-kill animal shelter in the United States.

  • I’ve already told you how supporting the work of this local shelter benefits animals throughout the world.
  • And how many of our friends at Something Wagging This Way Comes have supported us (see here, here, and here).
  • And how the impact of your gift is even greater because of matching gifts. Thanks to the matches, our current donation totals $890.

    But if that doesn’t have you reaching for your credit card and heading over to donate at my fundraising page, I’m also hosting a giveaway where a random donor will be drawn to receive a prize so cool I didn’t include it in my Something Swagging This Way Comes giveaway because it stood so well on its own.

    Everyone who has donated so far and everyone who makes a gift of any size prior to Saturday, October 1 at 6:00 a.m. EDT will be entered in my awesome prize giveaway.

    Thank you to my two latest donors:

    • Jamaica, first home buyer and pro dog walker
    • Elizabeth (although Dewi and Jon Farleigh claim the donation came from their allowance) from the Chronicles of Cardigan

    It’s not too late to join them and everyone else who has given already. Click here to donate today. What are you waiting for?

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  • Comments

    1. What a handsome guy! Good luck on Saturday. We’ll be at the Woofstock festival here in town raising money/awareness for our local shalters/rescues.

    2. You are such a great advocate for your shelter Pamela. I love that about you. I wish I could give this time, but money is a little tight. However, I want you to know I am cheering you and honey on in spirit. Having raised money for my own shelter before, I am impressed with what you’ve raised so far! Enjoy the walk!

      • Actually Mel, this is the same event you donated to back in July when I first announced it. You did give and started the whole thing off. Your gift was a big encouragement to me to ask for more help in blogland.

        So thank you. Thank you. You’ll never realize how much your gift meant.

    3. If I were closer, I’d be picking this cutie up. No joke.

      You rock.

    4. What a cute little guy!

      You’ve done a fabulous fundraising job! I am impressed!

      • Thank you. I didn’t get to do something I really wanted to do locally, however. Maybe next year.

        I had thought about hosting an outdoor movie night (showing Babe or some other high quality animal picture) in a local park for people and their pets as a fundraiser. I was just too busy in August to get it off the ground.

    5. Oh, look at that face! He’s absolutely adorable, with that expression. I hope somebody good gets him home right away and lavishes peanut butter and bully sticks upon him.

      So what’s the “designer” name for his mix, anyway? Pugskimo? 😉

      • He looks like a rock star. I can’t imagine he’ll stay there for along–unless he acts like the Tasmanian devil when anyone comes to see him.

        I like your name for his mix. It would have to be Pugskimo because American Eskipug is just too weird.

    6. I’ve never seen a Pug/American Eskimo mix before but I think I like the combination! What an adorable little guy. He has the cutest little floppy ears I’ve ever seen. Little dogs usually go fast, I doubt it will be long before Harley is scooped up.

      Good luck at the big event this weekend! I hope you are planning on writing all about it!

    7. Pamela,

      You are a rock star! I need to become as motivated as you are. You have raised a large amount of money, for one person! Perhaps you should consider changing careers. 😉

    8. What a cutie! I just love his ears 😉 Have a great time on Saturday!