Wordless Wednesday – Adoptable Georgette Waiting for Upstate NY Home


Georgette - 10 month Cavalier King Charles Mix from TC SPCA

Because I'm only 10 months old, I have lots of energy. But I'm a cuddler too and will make a great lap dog. I like polite dogs but am frightened of kids. Can I be your "kid?"

Just a few words…

(Pam, you just don’t get this Wordless thing, do you?)

I announced that Honey and I would be marching to support the Tompkins County SPCA as part of Blog the Change for Animals.

And although I have yet to get serious about fundraising, I just wanted to thank Sue, Mel, Donors Who Shall Remain Nameless, and Mike for their early support.

Although this is a local charity, the Tompkins County SPCA gave Nathan Winograd his chance to prove a conventional shelter could become no-kill, keep an open admissions policy, and succeed. Shelters all over the world have used the resources developed in our little town.

If you feel like helping, you can give securely here. Your $5 or $10 gift feeds one more dog or cat for a week. And the success of the Tompkins County SPCA encourages shelters everywhere trying to rehome every pet that crosses their door.

If you’re able to help Honey and me meet our goal, thank you. And if you’re supporting an animal cause you care about already, thank you as well.

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  1. *sigh* I still want to take them all, big, small, old, young. They just want to love and be loved. I hope Georgette soon finds her lucky forever home.

  2. I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on the link to find out more. Forty minutes later… As soon as there are photos of dogs to scroll through my brain completely forgets the passing of time. Georgette sounds like a sweetheart, as do many of the other dogs available for adoption. It’s relieving to know they will be well cared for until they can find their perfect homes.

  3. It offends me to no end to think of all the precious animals that are killed in shelters just because there is not enough money and/or men power to create more housing and therefore allow more space.

    I guess what I’m hoping for is to see shelters actually become no-kill rescue facilities that actively display and advertise the available animals they are holding for adoption. Maybe a little more PR and marketing is in order for generating more donations.

    And here is another thought. There may be perfectly appropriate families out there who would like to provide a loving and safe environment for pet animals but they simply don’t have the money to pay for their adoption. I would much rather see that these families get their animals at no cost while, to offset the loss, higher fees are required from those who are able to meet that financial situation.