Wordless Wednesday: Adoptable Angie in Central New York


Lab Mix for Adoption at Cayuga Dog Rescue

Because of bad luck, I've had a few homes. But although I'm 7 or so years old, I have lots of fun days ahead. My foster mom says I'm very polite with all the best traits of the Lab: playful, affection, happy, and eager to be with you.

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  1. What a great looking dog! Reading her bio, Angie sounds just about perfect for any dog lover. Hopefully she’ll be snapped up soon!

  2. I hope she finds a home!

  3. Hope you get a home soon Angie! Older dogs are the best dogs!

  4. @Kristine, I always wonder if plugs for adopting should highlight the excellent dogs or the future excellence of the dogs that take a little more work up front. But I think we need reminders sometimes that not all dogs have developed neuroses and bad habits from their previous homes.

    I’m personally finding every dog I’ve highlighted hard to resist.

  5. I was going to call my next dog Angie, except it was Beryl and I liked her name:) Angie looks like a lovely lady, I hope she gets her forever home soon. It can’t be any fun being bounced around.