Wordless Wednesday – A Wordy Introduction to Adoptable Dogs

AJ over at PupLove has been a tireless supporter of dog adoption. I’ve never participated in the popular Wordless Wednesday feature but I’ve decided to follow AJ’s example and use Wednesdays to promote local dogs looking for homes.

In the best case, the picture will get tweeted, facebooked, and emailed around until it ends up with someone who can adopt the dog. In the worst case, it’s another reminder of the many great dogs looking for homes.

For my first Wordless (Wordy) Wednesday dog, meet Colton:

Colton at Cayuga Dog Rescue

I am a 38 pound Golden Mix who loves dogs and people. Live in Central NY? Adopt me today!

Share Colton with your friends. This great doggie deserves a good home.

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  1. As long as YOU”RE boosting AJ… her post yesterday on Patrick the abused pit bull and how we need to spread the love around was brilliant. For those who missed it: http://puplove.ca/?p=322. Hope you don’t mind, Pamela!

    These adoption posts hurt my heart. Our Best Friend’s anxious nature precludes a second dog, at least for now, and I always feel guilty that we’re not fostering anymore. I think I need to do a post about the wonderful rescues I’ve met over the years at our park…

    • Yep, AJ’s post on Patrick was terrific. Thanks for sharing the link.

      I feel your pain. The major reason I adopted my first pure breed dog was to stack the decks in favor of getting a dog that would be a good partner in some form of dog-related volunteering (fostering or guide dog puppy raising).

      Honey’s to the point where we could take on a new project together but I’m struggling to manage my time. If you need a potential post topic, I’d love to read about your previous experiences fostering and how that fit into your busy life. It might help me make some decisions.

  2. What a great idea for your Wednesday posts. These poor babies could do with any help they can get! Shame I live across the pond and can’t help spreading the word :(

  3. That’s a great idea! I hope that Colton gets the attention he needs to find a home!

  4. He is adorable! I wish we had room in the Winnebago.