Wordless (almost) Wednesday: Meet Adoptable Golden Retriever Ezra

Adopt Lady Ezra from Golden Retriever Rescue of Central NY

Ezra the Adoptable Golden Retriever
At 9 years old, a lady should be able to make some demands. And I show my spunky side (some call it stubborn) to let you know I’m not a pushover. I want a home with a family who appreciates a grande dame.
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  1. Lady Ezra has an excellent name. Love the nickname “Ezzie”.

    This rescue group really doesn’t sugarcoat, does it? It’s a lot of needs our Ezzie has and I have no doubt the right home is out there.

    • One thing I’ve noticed about breed rescue groups–part of their passion for a breed means being very honest about failings so the prospective adopter knows exactly what they’re getting.

      A woman who works with this rescue vetted me before making a breeder suggestion. I got a long list of negatives about goldens–tendency to cancer, high energy, need lots of exercise, can be stubborn…

  2. Aww, look at that sweet face! I hope her list of demands are met soon!

  3. She’s such a lovely lady…I hope she’ll find her perfect home soon! x

  4. What a pretty girl. I hope she finds her forever home quickly!


  5. Ezra looks like she is a female with great character who would be a joy and a pain to live with, but never boring:) I hope she finds her forever home soon.