Winter is Coming – Wordless Wednesday

The dogs of the dog days of summer must be huskies. Because we recently saw nighttime temperatures of 48°F/9°C. In August!

Is it time to say goodbye to this?

Honey the golden retriever rides in her kayak.

Every day is a dog’s day when we don’t have to paddle.

And to get ready for this?

Honey the golden retriever sits in snow.

I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I’m perfectly comfortable.


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  1. We hate saying goodbye to summer and swimming but we do enjoy the snow as well! Happy WW!

  2. Geez, that’s a little too cold too early – I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

    • With global weirding I’ve given up making any long term predictions. If it’s a really cold winter, I’ll just cuddle up with Honey and wait for spring.

  3. We have loved this cooler than normal summer, and are ready for fall and moving on to winter. Summer is our least favorite season, so we are always happy when it ends. Neither Mom nor we dogs like the heat and humidity and we don’t like the kids all over the place, so fall is welcome anytime now! We also know we are in the minority, but we don’t mind.

  4. We woke up to low fog and chilly temps. Fall is in the air.

  5. Yep, winter is on the way. My favorite time of year is the fall, I just hope it sticks around longer this year!

  6. We will swim until Mom wont let us anymore. One time I ran in the water in the winter and swam even though Mom told me no…Then I got limp tail :( I couldnt wag for days! Happy WW!

  7. In the words of Michael Scott

  8. Depressing isn’t it? Edmonton is just as bad right now. I am not sorry to be heading to Vancouver today for one last holiday before the snow hits. It feels like summer started only yesterday. Sigh.

    You’ll have to sail somewhere tropical the first chance you get!

    • I could probably handle the cold and snow if it weren’t so darn dark. Ugh.

      And yet places that have long winters with lots of snow are so beautiful. I guess I’ll just have to sail north and south to get the best of both worlds.

  9. No no no no nooooooo!

  10. We didn’t quite make it into the 40’s but close at 53. That is unheard of for my area in August. It’s been a great summer this year, but I wonder if that bodes for an extra cold winter?

    • I’m trying not to think about how cold winter will be. I’m just bummed to have it coming up so quickly.

      I want my summer. Every single day of it.

      And yes, low 50s is way too cold for August. I had to wear my winter coat to the outdoor movies.

  11. It’s 67 degrees in my house, thunder lightening and rain outside….in Southern California. Of course, I’m 6000 feet up on a mountain. But still…I just lit a fire in the wood burning stove. Brrrrr.

    • Wow, our weather is the same. You must feel like a cyclone picked up your house and dropped it into central New York.

      Global weirding.

  12. I live in Central Massachusetts. I noticed my first fall foliage last week. Halloween/Fall decorations (and candy) are already in the stores! Where did the summer go?

  13. I hope not – at least not yet. Give me a few more weeks please….

  14. Edie Chase says:

    Emma pretty much read my mind. Summer is too hot, humid and filled with kids.

  15. It was warm enough for me not to need a fire last night! Which is just as well as I’m getting very low on wood. I hope your Summer lasts a lot longer for you. The only thing I enjoy about Winter is having a fire!

  16. (Love the Michael Scott clip!)

    Okay… I didn’t read every comment, but am I going to be banned if I say I’m looking forward to winter?? Granted – our winter doesn’t look like that. Our winter is So Cal can be quite pleasant. I’m not a super-hot weather gal, so I’m looking forward to summer being over! Problem is that often here the fall is even hotter and dryer than the summer. Ugh. So.. I say, bring on the winter!

  17. BOL!!!! Yes they must be huskies! And my huskies will be GLAD to see the snowy weather return!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. We are ready for winter!

  19. No. I should be preparing to go on my summer holidays now, but I’m not cause I have no one to go on holiday with. And the weather here has gone from lovely and sunny to cold and depressing so I could really do with that perk of sun. Therefore if everyone could just lie to me and tell me the sun will come out that would help massively