Will She Ever Find True Love? Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever and Layla the beagle are looking for love.

Does your dog have a special someone? Who is it? Honey’s is Riley.

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  1. Aww, Honey, Riley would have to be a very silly boy indeed not to fall for such a pretty girl as you.

  2. What a cute couple, every dog needs a special prince.

  3. There’s a boy dog at the park, Murphy, who we see sometimes and who Elka will run in fun circles with. He’s the only one though, I think.

  4. My dog sure does have a “special someone” it’s Eva the Sheltie!! They are quite an item :)

  5. My dog, Rita, has a long-distance romance with my friend’s dog Rocket. They send each other cards and presents. She also has a local “boy toy”, Big Bear, that she RUNS to every time we see him at the beach. (She gets around…)

  6. Giz has some local pals but no one special…He’s looking forward to meeting Oz the Terrier next weekend and he is having a long-distance romance with Misaki

  7. My Kori girl fell for a Golden retriever boy named Sam last week. She thinks Sam is just about the best thing on four paws! :)

  8. Shiva isn’t really into the whole monogamy thing. She prefers to keep it light and makes no promises she can’t keep. 😉

    It’s adorable Honey is so attached to Riley. No doubt her affection is returned.

  9. Looking for some excitement on Valentine’s Day, I suspect!

  10. Sue Oakes says:

    Callie and Shadow are best buds, but have no love interests of their own. Ducky, on the other hand, has plenty of “boyfriends” at doggie daycare. Thank goodness she was spayed at the shelter long before we adopted/rescued her!! :-)

  11. Last time I took Silas to the dog park, he only wanted to play with girl dogs. He had a whole string of “girlfriends.”

  12. Aww that’s sweet.
    I have Gizmo:-)

  13. The best romantic “click” I’ve seen between dogs was last week with Sydney and Katy Beagles. It was love at first bay :).

  14. So sweet. Louise’s valentine is Mojo. Sofie’s valentine is Nine.

  15. Awww Layla you will find that special someone soon!

    Jasper’s girlfriend is Daisy. His play buddy is Cupcake.

  16. Yes, each of our dogs has a special friend – and they even send Valentines to each other. They’re not blogging dogs but rather dogs who live nearby.

    Very cute photo!

  17. DeDe has the hots for the dog next door! But me, I like to play the field… actually, my heart belongs to Jen.

  18. I’ve just hopped across on the BlogHop, I’ve lost count how many boyfriends I’ve got now, i will have to be careful i don’t get a reputation.