Why So Many Dog People Live in the Country

Honey on the Rocks

‘Cuz they’re embarrassed.

I live in a small city neighborhood where I’m surrounded on all sides by houses with small  yards. In one alleyway, I can touch my house and my neighbor’s at the same time. That means that we neighbors get to know each other real well, real fast.

What crazy, puppy behavior have my neighbors witnessed lately?

  • Me doing the “potty dance” for Honey when she emptied her bladder outside (or at least that’s what my friend with two toddlers learning potty training calls it).
  • My husband yelling in his best “helium voice” to entice Honey to come back in the house and stop digging up tulips.
  • Me singing “What’s New Puppy Dog” a la Tom Jones (actually I prefer k. d. lang’s version).
  • Me running behind the wheelbarrow and yelling “where’s Honey?” to practice recall.

A puppy foster mom I know says if you’re not making a fool of yourself, you’re not training your puppy.

That must make me the world’s greatest trainer.

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