Why I’m Going to BlogPaws

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BlogPaws has me making some uncharacteristic choices. I’m:

  • taking time off from work (and after I just spent a week off sailing);
  • spending money;
  • challenging Honey’s “four on the floor” training with hundreds of crazy dog people who I just know will have her jumping at the end of the leash in minutes, if not seconds;
  • driving six hours (yucko);
  • spending two entire days in hotel ballrooms in the waning days of summer;
  • going to the suburbs instead of through or around them to the country or the city;
  • and risking exposing myself as not nearly as cute, funny, and clever as I like to pretend I am here at Something Wagging This Way Comes.
Golden Retriever in a Subaru Impreza

Ok, I'm all strapped in. Let's go.

A Snap Decision

Something compelled me to sign up in January, before I heard if anyone I “knew” would be there and before I even know if I’d still be blogging in 8 months.

Yeah, some of it was my cheapness. If I thought I was going to go, I might as well get the early-registration discount.

But I’m usually a slow decider. I was amazingly decisive about attending this event. So I thought I’d try to figure out just why I’m going to BlogPaws… before I get there.

Here are some of the reasons I’m attending BlogPaws:

1.  Maybe the hotel will have Animal Planet. And maybe it won’t be Shark Week. (Hey, I don’t have a TV. I’ve gotta get my fix somehow. My Puppy Bowl DVDs are nearly worn out.)

2. I’m considering monetizing my Hands on Home Buyer Blog and if I have to learn about social media etc., dog bloggers are more interesting to hang out with than financial bloggers (by far).

3. I want to discover the real life identity of the mysterious Pup Fan. I suspect she’s really Batgirl.

4. I want to make up for all the activities I’ve missed out on because I thought I was too cool to do something geeky but fun. What could be geekier (and more fun) than a pet blogger social media convention?

5. Socializing your dog to accept new situations never stops. This is too good a chance to pass up.

6. I learn things better as part of a group. Maybe I’ll even figure out Twitter.

7. Because I’m looking forward to hearing my husband say, “I’ve gotta find some way to make money off of crazy dog people” 500 times while walking through the pet expo.

8. As fond as I’ve become of people I’ve met in blogland, they don’t feel quite real to me until I speak to them in person.

9. I’m always looking for new and interesting pet-friendly activities and places to visit.

10. I love being surrounded by passionate people. But unlike a rally of Bears and their Significant Otters, this is a passion I truly understand and share.

Blogging From BlogPaws

Like most extroverts, I process information by talking about it. So I’ll attempt to post from BlogPaws to let you know what it’s like, to share what I’m learning, and to increase my own learning.

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  1. Yes, you will have to tell us all about the mysterious Pup Fan!! I am dying to know who this wild linking woman really is. :)

    • I’m amazed that she’s coming out in public. Of course, my husband pointed out that if she doesn’t reveal herself as Pup Fan, I could be talking to her and never knowing it. :)

      • Mike Webster says:

        Yes. You may know Clark Kent, and you may know Superman. But you must not make the connection.

        • You guys crack me up! If only I was as cool as you make me sound… I should have given more thought to how I’ll unmask myself. =P

          Will you be there tonight? I’m making it my goal to find you and Honey! :)

  2. Looking forward to your posts since I won’t be there (I didn’t feel worthy since I’ve only been blogging for a few months . .and it’s a long way from Oregon!). Plus, I’m more of an introvert . .I don’t know how well I would do (I would probably just hide in the back of the room feeling lost without my dog!)

    Have a great time!!

    • The funny thing about pet bloggers is that many of them call themselves introverts. And yet they still attend BlogPaws. You’d probably find that a glass of wine, a fuzzy butt to scratch, and shared interests would make you lots of friends quickly.

      Maybe next year…

  3. I didn’t realize Honey was going to be at BlogPaws! Now I’m doubly sorry I won’t be meeting you there. Another time, I’m sure.

  4. Have fun!!! I haven’t made it there yet (almost went last year) but am determined to go next year!! I’m sure Honey will be a perfect lady!

    • I have a feeling the next Blog Paws will be at a Western location so maybe it will work out for you.

      So far, Honey’s been great. I left her in the room watching Animal Planet while we unloaded the car–no problem.

  5. I decided not to go, even though I bought a ticket. I’m so sorry I’ll miss you and Honey there, though!

  6. Love your list! And yes…the mysterious JR! She is the only person I don’t have a ‘real name’ for on my list of attendees I made and that took some websurfing to complete and I never did find anything more than JR anywhere, hahameow!

    Yes, we introverts are introverts until we are around people who are interested in what is important to us sometimes. That is what my Myers-Briggs test told me about myself but then I already knew that…

    Looking forward to meeting you and your sweet smellin’ doggie!

    • Okay, I am a Myers-Briggs geek. I’ve taken that thing so many times in various classes and work situations! I’m an ENFP all the way… so I apologize in advance for my extreme extrovertness (which I suppose runs counter to my apparently “mysterious” ways… hehe). :)

  7. Just have to point out that trying to figure out Twitter is pointless!

    We can’t make it this year but can’t wait to hear all about your experience. You might even inspire us to go next year (if we’re still on the East Coast)!

  8. I read your number 3 and went, “Me too! Me too!” I mean, I blog under One Person’s View, but half the blogging world knows my real first name and even where I live. I’m very bad at anonymity.

    My husband encouraged me to go to BlogPaws, and while I’m dying to be there, we really don’t have the money right now. I love DC, it would have been a great time, and I love conventions, so maybe next year!!!

    I’m sure Honey will be a perfect girl… but I know what you real estate agents are like when you have a whiskey or two in you. 😉

    • I’m going to get a big ego at this rate… LOL. Seriously though – I blame my husband. He even refuses to open a personal Facebook account because he values anonymity online. So I’m probably more cautious due to his… paranoia?

      Bummer I won’t get to see you there, but maybe we’ll meet at a future conference… :)

  9. You are funny. :) But really? You can’t think of anything geekier? Pop! goes my bubble. :).
    Hope you guys have a safe trip down. See you soon!

    • Well I used to hang around with people who read Douglas Adams and played Dungeons and Dragons but there’s a limit to how geeky I’m willing to get.

  10. Have a wonderful time! Wish I could be there, but next year for sure. Even if I have to sell a kidney to get there :)

  11. I’m envious, although we Californians are a little scared of those earthquakes back there. :-)

  12. Mike Webster says:

    Hey, you make wanting to find some way to make money off of crazy dog people sound like a BAD thing.

  13. Okay, now I triply want to go to BlogPaws and am very mad at myself for procrastinating too long! So I am so proud of you for deciding so quickly and just doing it! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences and wish I could be there to say hello. Even if I would run away immediately afterwards to hide behind a potted plant.

    • You crack me up. :) I wish you were going, too; we could keep each other company plantside. If I’d known about Blog Paws before getting a dog, I might have gone with something much taller than a corgi (easier to hide behind).

  14. Hi Y’all,

    Too hot for me to travel this time of year. Plus had too much going on these last few weeks to allow me and my Human to attend. I wish I could. So the Human and I will be watchin’ close to see what we miss! We always regret that BlogPaws falls at the wrong time for us to go.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. We’re followin’

  15. If it were only a six hour drive for me, Bunny and I would go in a heartbeat! I really wish it had been in the cards for me to go this time, but it didn’t work out, the money tree still hasn’t sprouted in the back yard. I hope you have an awesome time at Blogpaws!

  16. While I live in the area, Tyson’s Corner is a whole different world from Takoma Park :) But it sounds like a blast! Have a great time and can’t wait to enjoy it vicariously through your blog.

  17. I’m so jealous! I want to go so bad, but finances weren’t that great and I decided to wait until next BlogPaws! I hope you have the best time and learn loads!!

  18. Okay. I SO agree with number 3! I want to meet the fantastic, funny and interesting Pup Fan too! I also disagree. I bet you are just as interesting in person as you are on your blog. I so wish I could have been there Pamela. I would have loved to have met you.

    I also admire you for signing up without knowing who would be there. It’s tough to do something like that – and I’m an extrovert! I sure hope all 3 of you are having a great time (or did, if you are on your way home). I may just sign up early for the next one so I can attend and meet everyone else.