Why I Need to Train Myself the Way I Train My Dog

I feel old!

Although I was a fairly early internet adapter (way back in the old days before the World Wide Web), I’ve been left behind. In the past 20 years of working on other things, I haven’t kept up with my computer skills. And now I’m paying the price.

I admire beautiful blogs and can’t seem to get mine to do the same thing. Adding widgets and plug ins, inserting code to fix formatting errors, even participating in blog hops doesn’t come easily. I just have to learn. But how?

I need to train myself the way I train my dog!

Golden Retriever Puppy in the Water

Are you sure this is a good idea? It's awfully wet!

Take Baby Steps

Don’t expect I’ll be able to do everything right away. Take what I want to learn and divide it into small steps I can accomplish over time.


Stop meeting one goal and then just going on to the next one without pause. Recognize my accomplishment and celebrate it.


Don’t slog away at the computer like it’s purgatory. This is supposed to be fun! When I have a success (no matter how small), add a treat–a game of tug, a quick puppy video, or a snack.

Get Help

Maybe I can’t do it all alone. Sometimes I’ll have to read more or ask someone a question.

Maybe if I can do these things, I’ll react to learning the way Honey does:

  • with joy
  • quickly
  • and looking forward to the next new thing I have to learn.

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  1. I too am not computer savvy and understand what it is like to learn on the Internet, when a computer was only used as a Word Processor. I love the points you make and if I may can I add one more. Let yourself make mistakes. Our dogs don’t immediately learn something on first try, so why in the world do we as humans think we should get it right on the first try?? :) You are not alone in trying to understand and operate in the blogging world and I think it is cool that you related teaching yourself the way you train your dog. How is that dogs are always teaching us something more about ourselves?

  2. I agree. It’s all very overwhelming; the theme, font, widgets, etc… The blog looks great though! Very clean, easy to read, organized. I always favor this type of blog to read because it’s not distracting!