Why I Don’t Shoot More Video of My Dog

I must not be a typical YouTube animal video watcher. Because I have very strong reactions to images most people just find cute or funny.

Like this one:


Your Turn:
When your dogs do something funny, do you run for the camera? Or do you involve yourself in their behavior?

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  1. Both.

    After I lost Beau, I had a lot of photos of him that my dad had taken but only a few videos that I had. Video captures things photos don’t like how we move, how Bella’s tail spins in circles when she’s excited, how Beau’s eyebrows would raise towards the person speaking when he was following a conversation.

    I vowed after realizing how much of him would be lost to memory that I would take more videos of everyone in my life, especially my dog. I have documented many of Bella’s agility successes on video but when we’re teaching her to not be scared, I am present with her, not hidden behind the video camera. If she is scared, I don’t grab the camera. If she wants to play, I (usually) play with her.

    But I don’t think the question has a single right answer.

  2. I have been wanting to get a video of Winston ‘helping’ me make the bed for so long now. But whenever he starts I spend so much time laughing at him that I forget to film it! There are somethings that Winston does that I find would make a good video but will never record because the behavior is not best. Like when he runs from the bedroom window to the living room window to bark at the same car as it drives round.
    We correct this behavior almost every time so he doesn’t do it as often. I would only record funny behavior if it was appropriate behavior. It sets a better example.

    Laura & Winston

  3. I don’t take more because the presence of the camera seems to change the behavior that I wanted to record. And the camera is usually not handy. And we’d rather play!

  4. Mom often tries to get the camera and snap a photo if she thinks she can do it in time. As for video, not so much but, I won a Sony Action Cam which arrived yesterday. It has a dog mount, so we are going to try and do more videos once we figure out how to set the darn thing up. Not so much funny videos but more of what we are up to and who knows what else. We aren’t avid video watchers either which is another reason we don’t take lots of videos.

  5. I love to take pics and video of our huskies. That was funny and they have way too much time on their hands lol.

  6. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    Both, but more often I involve myself because if I have to run to get the camera, the opportunity is already lost. Sometimes, if Ducky is asleep on the couch, I’ll get up out of the recliner to go get either the camera or my iPod Touch with the dual camera lens. There is one thing she does that cracks us up that I still haven’t been able to capture on video yet. I don’t want to tell you what it is because I don’t want to spoil the fun for you and my other readers when I actually capture and share it. I will tell you that without the audio — as in just a photo — the visual part just doesn’t seem that funny.

    When Callie and Shadow were puppies, I didn’t have a video camera or even access to a “loaner” one, so I missed out on a lot of great video opportunities. It wasn’t until they were about 4 or 5 years old that I got my first camera with video clip capability. Thankfully, I have a clip of Shadow howling at the trains as they go through the crossing up the road from the house. I just get such a charge out of the way she sounds when she howls.

  7. Julie Blackwelder says:

    I had a video camera many years ago when they were still quite large. My sister and I both arrived at the same conclusion. You can either video life, or be involved in it. We found we were missing too much when we became the viewer behind the lens. We both eventually wound up just placing the camera on a tripod and turning it on at an angle we thought would capture the most action and just leave it running, but that created a lot of work editing. We live in different states so occasionally viewing each others videos was fun and we did that for several years, but over the years we finally just stopped it entirely and now she only takes still photos and shares on her FB page. My camera stays charged and in my purse only for documenting anything that might have to go to court. LOL I don’t know why documenting my family and my pets has become unimportant. I guess I am going to have to think about that for a while. BTW, I’m glad others still post their pet videos as I enjoy most of them very much! (My thought was, “Fix what ever is making that poor dog itch!!”)

  8. BOL! That was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen!! Too cute!

    90% of the time I WISH I had the camera, but I am usually enjoying the short moment too much that if I leave to get it, the moment’s over.

    I’m trying to do better with things I plan or when I know something that happens often I will try to catch on film.

    Most of the time I just enjoy the moment!

  9. Most of the time I’m thinking ‘Damn, where’s my camera?’ I have so many small videos on my phone. What worries me about posting every single one is that what is cute to us may come across differently to others. I hate being so paranoid, but I don’t want to show something on video that may come across badly, because it’s taken out of context. Plus, I judge videos all the time – I’m begging for a Karma slingshot.

    I find images to be much easier.

  10. Every single time I try to record Paddy doing his crazy tap dancing, he stops. I would just love to have that on video, because no one ever sees it but those whom he trusts. There are very, very few of us. It’s a beautiful thing, to watch that spook hound tap dance with glee. Oh to get it on video one day. :)

  11. LOL…I saw that video and had the same thought! He’s not dancing, he has an itch!!! I’m struggling with videos too – I’m just not a creative type, so they are a challenge.

  12. I’m with you on that video. They took a video on an itchy dog and added some music, it didn’t impress me at all.

    As for my guys, I rarely take video as I can barely post pictures. :-)

  13. It’s just like with movies…so often I watch a movie that everyone loves or thinks was hysterical and I didn’t like it at all! Then I wonder what is wrong with me?!
    I try to take a picture of things the dogs do. Like today Ike got up on the back of the couch like Kelly does, but he didn’t fit on the narrow parts like Kelly does, and he gradually sank back onto the couch and was swallowed by the cushions. I admit, I didn’t help him but instead snapped a few stills.

  14. I slowed down using my camera so much when George Clooney remarked at how so many people walk around recording things and missing the participation. He has a good point.

    I do take lots of photos and quite a bit of video of the rescue dogs for Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet; I’m learning to turn away from the computer or pad when someone asks for special attention; with many senior dogs, I don’t want to miss a moment with them.

  15. LOL Yes, scratch the poor doggie’s butt already! Generally, when my dogs do something cute or funny, it doesn’t occur to me until later to take a photo or video. I wish I did catch more on video and camera, especially of Sephi. She passed away last November and now I don’t have nearly as many photos or videos as I’d like.

  16. Well that video was just sad but I do love videos of Kirby. He’s so used to it that it doesn’t phase him. I interact with him a lot which is why I’ve missed some great shots like the time he was swimming and took his toy out of a lab’s mouth and quickly swam away! Just today at the lake he jumped up and over a covered bench. He thought it was a table. Sadly I missed it cos I didn’t have my camera on and he wasn’t going to do it again.