Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

More people deeply love dogs than any other animal.

You can argue with me. But I doubt you’ll win.

Cats? There are more of them. And there’s no doubt that some people love cats and understand them very well. But most people like having cats around without trying to know them or getting very involved in their lives.

Horses? People with horses talk about their bond in ways like that of dogs and humans. But horses don’t live in your home. And only a few people can afford the expense of caring for such a large animal.

Birds? Maybe. Thanks to their intelligence, ability to grasp objects, speech mimicry (in some cases), and potentially long lives, birds and humans do form very strong bonds. But once again, they’re vastly outnumbered by serious dog lovers.

If dogs are the winner of a competition I just made up, why? Why do people love dogs so much?

I can only speak for myself.

Why do we love dogs so much?

Why I Love Dogs

Here’s a small part of my list:

Dogs are like us

Dogs solve problems. They are self-serving. They are intelligent and social.

Yeah, I know you introverts are saying, “I’m not social.” But you live with a dog, don’t you?

Dogs are not at all like us

My husband calls them “fuzzy aliens.”

Their noses reveal a world to them we’ll never know. And some things that are important to them we’ll never understand.

Honey the Golden Retriever chews on her Nylabone.

What do you mean you don’t understand how I can chew all day? I’m not an alien.

Dogs are everywhere

It’s hard to get away from dogs. I find them everywhere I go.

And yes, humans do like things (or beings) more because they’re familiar.

But if you push your luck by dropping your poochie off to spend time with your dog-hating Grandma, I’ll deny I ever wrote this.

Dogs are fuzzy

I admit it. I just love touching furry creatures.

And even dogs that aren’t exactly fuzzy, still feel silky and beautiful under the touch.

Dogs bring out our sensuous side.

Yes, this is me:

Dogs are pretty

And while we’re exploring the sensual side, aren’t dogs beautiful?

The variety of colors. The body shapes. The athleticism.

There’s a dog for every aesthetic taste.

Dogs help us

Remember what I said about dogs being like us because they’re self-serving? Well, we’re self-serving because we get them to serve us.

Dogs do so many jobs for humans:

  • comforting the lonely and traumatized
  • assisting the disabled
  • finding the lost
  • helping reading children find confidence
  • protecting their families or partners

and so much more.

And they do all this without union wages or the chance to change to another job.

Guide dog in harness.

Dogs don’t hog the computer when I need to work

Not once have I ever caught my dog checking her email or the weather when I needed to get work done.

Evolution says we have to

Some scientists argue that human and canine evolution is so interlinked that we would not be humans without dogs. And dogs would not be dogs without humans.

If evolution isn’t a comfortable notion for you, I’m fine with you saying that God made a dog for us.

Dogs never talk through movies

I love my husband. But I’ve tried to train him not to talk through movies and tv shows for nearly 30 years.

He’s better. But he still hasn’t gotten it.

My dog Honey learned this advanced skill while she was still a puppy.

Honey the golden retriever looks out the car window.

I’m portable in this handy carrying case.

Dogs are portable

Not every dog travels well. But most do.

I love traveling with my dog. By foot, by bike, by kayak, and by car.

Dogs love us back

I don’t ascribe every emotion to dogs that some people do. I don’t, for instance, buy the unconditional love thing. But maybe I’m just a cynic.

But I do believe that dogs love us. As much as we love them. Maybe even more.

And who isn’t looking for love?

Why We Love Dogs So Much

Maybe that’s the real reason more humans love more dogs. Because they love us back.

And because we’ve been working on our relationship together for the past 20,000 or so years.
photo credit: (Guide dog) smerikal via photopin cc. Click on the photo to learn more about the photographer.


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  1. MMM, I agree 100%.

  2. Great points, and all very true. I love dogs because they are just simply wonderful loving beings to have in my home.

  3. This gets my vote!

  4. Hard to believe as a kid Mom didn’t like dogs and she was a devoted cat person until her early 20’s! She says she loves dogs because we are the closest pet to a mini human, we can go along to so many places, we are often well behaved, we love to hang around with her, she can do so many different activities with us, and we are like living stuffed animals for cuddling.

  5. I agree completely!

  6. I absolutely and completely agree! :)

  7. Last night I had a really bad night, and in that moment all I wanted as a dog to cuddle. my uncles dog seemed to sense I was upset and came and plonked herself down right in front of me. That is one of the many many reasons I love dogs.

  8. I think you are spot on….who doesn’t want to be loved? Our cats may love us as much as our dogs do, but they don’t show it like the dogs do. Not once have my cats come running to greet me at the door….they wait in the kitchen for me to get there to feed them!

  9. Beautiful post. It’s all that and more. My dogs don’t judge me. They love me no matter what. They are happy to see me no matter how long I’ve been away, no matter what I’ve done or didn’t do, no matter how I’m feeling.