Why Do We Blog?

We probably don’t blog because our dogs want us to. I know Honey would much prefer I stand out in the yard and toss a ball over and over until she decides she’d rather play tug. Or chase. Or have a snack.

Golden Retriever at Ithaca Falls

Why would you want to be inside? Don't you know the waterfalls enhance my naturally curly hair?

A few different bloggers have raised interesting issues lately about balancing the needs of a successful blog with the needs of a successful life:

What those three bloggers have in common is that they are either relying on their blog to support them or to promote their primary source of income.

So why do I blog?

I too was curious to know if this medium would allow me to create a new way of supporting myself. What could be better than working from home with your dog by your side?

But I found I liked blogging for varied reasons that might get in the way of making money:

  • I love just tossing off quick posts without worrying about multiple drafts and lots of editing.
  • I love having pictures and text that serve as a record of Honey’s growing up (I wish I had this for my previous dogs).
  • I love reading other blogs and being in the company (digitally) of other people who are in love with their dogs.
  • And I love not having to worry about whether I’m making an income from this–it’s fun to have a hobby.

Thinking about whether Something Wagging This Way Comes could turn into a blog that generates income gives me a stomach ache. So for now, I’m just going to keep having fun.

And I’ll launch a new site in January called Hands On Home Buyer that should also be fun if a little less furry.

Golden Retriever eating a bone

Ok, I'll let you blog a little bit longer. But don't edit. It just takes too long!

So why do you blog? Is it because you’re in love with the animals in your life and you need to share that? Are you trying to change the world for the better? Are you hoping to support yourself financially?

And when you do blog, what is the most fun?

And finally, what do the animals (humans and otherwise) in your life think of your blogging?

This is Saturday Blog Hop so I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. And hope you have fun visiting the other bloggers!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and for your thoughtful essay; it’s a wonderful answer to the Why Do We Blog question. If any of your readers/bloggers are interested in exploring this further by filling out the Why Do We Blog questionnaire that Amy and I are putting together — it’ll end up in a great blogfest for the new year — hop on over to http://willmydoghateme.com and let us know.

  2. We blog because we love sharing our boys with others, and love reaching out and connecting with others that love their furry friends like we do. We blog because we know the emotional grief that can happen when one of them is sick or ailing, and we know we can offer our support in difficult times. We blog because we love to laugh and smile. We don’t want any money off of it – we just do it because to us, it is fun!


  3. Hi Y’all!
    We just hopped by to see what y’all were waggin’ about today! To give y’all the short answer about our blog…it all started as a journal at the suggestion of some family members so the nieces and nephews could keep up with what and where we were and share with their kids. We still keep the original site, http://browndogcbr.livejournal.com/ but it duplicates the blogspot except for the Thursday rescue feature. Of course, everyone knows that my Human has to do most of the work, but since the site is aimed at the “greats”, some of whom aren’t old enough to read…
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Sage & I blog just for fun and started doing it as an addition to one I started for my gardening and baking. I’ve enjoyed connecting with other like-minded bloggers who also have anipals they love!
    Sage & her Mom

  5. Great Question! I started blogging as a training motivator, figuring if I was going to be writing about it, I needed to actually keep doing it! I’ve since discovered how much fun it is to share the good and the bad, and of course the pictures. What else was I going to do with all those dog pictures??? :) (Hopping on to the next blog…)

  6. I just started a dog blog a few months ago, and it’s purely for fun. I do consider it a hobby, and creative outlet. Mine is little more focused on dogs and photography than writing. It’s what I enjoy, and it’s great to visit other dog-lovers to see what their furry friends are up to. :)

  7. I’m a new blogger and, in fact, just posted part 1 of a report haha on my 1st year of dogblogging yesterday.

    The blog was totally unplanned. It’s become a bunch of stories about Georgia, her friends, and our local dog community. If I persevere, I hope it will become a time capsule of her time with us. Definitely no advertising (turned down an offer lately). Don’t think I’ll be able to change the world, would be happy if I could just affect/involve the local dog community! My family and friends enjoy it (I think). I’m guessing the dogs don’t really care! It used to be enormous fun but is now becoming difficult as Georgia grows up and there are less stories to tell.

    Hope I got ALL your questions!

  8. We blog as a way for my mom person to share the stories and fun in her mind with other people. Since she is disabled and can’t get out that much, it’s a great community for her.

    We have a blog you might like, http://www.PetBlogsUnited.com. It’s a wonderful place for pet bloggers to find each other.

    Oskar & Pam

  9. The answer about why I blog is a bit complicated. I was writing other things before I started the blog, and I wanted to keep myself writing, and try a different style of writing from what I was currently doing. I wanted to polish my skills, and writing about the dogs seemed natural for me. Friends on message boards were always laughing about the stuff we got into. My first Greyhound, Treat, had passed away, leaving me really heartbroken and lost, even with three other Greyhounds in the house. We’d been a therapy dog team as well as a READ team. I realized that if I wanted to keep doing those things, I was going to have to find another Greyhound, since two of ours were older and the younger one was working with my husband. I thought I’d adopt a three or four year old Greyhound, but it turned out that the one I really made a connection with was a tiny blue fawn puppy who was only eighteen months old. I didn’t want to forget her stories, and I wanted to share them in one place, so I started the blog about nine months after she came home. The blog has sort of taken on a life of its own, though! I never dreamed we’d have so many people interested in it!

  10. I agree, this is a great question. I started my blog mostly as a way to record my dog’s progress. I knew when she was older I would love having something to look back on and remember the crazy days. Initially, I never had any plans of sharing it with anyone else but myself and my husband. But somehow I ended up connecting with other bloggers and then my mother-in-law and friends found it and, well, there you are.

    Like you, I just do it for fun. It has been great getting to know so many other people who feel the same way about animals that I do. I don’t have that in my offline life. The pet blogging community has been nothing short of wonderful!

  11. Thank you for mentioning my post and expanding the thoughts even further. Ultimately I blog to share our travel adventures with Buster and Ty, in the hopes that we’ll inspire others to travel with their pets, too. We have so much fun, meet so many wonderful people, and get to check out the most beautiful places – I want the people that follow the blog to be able to experience them as well – if only digitally. My super-duper goal is that one day we don’t need a website like GoPetFriendly because our pets are welcome to go with us everywhere, all the time.

  12. We blog because we want to show real life experiences we have with our dogs and that it isn’t always easy. Our dogs are our closest friends and family all in one and we would like to show the relationship you can have with your dogs (or any animal) in hopes to educate on the wonderful love of owning a dog. We do advertise, but if we never made a buck, we wouldn’t stop. We love the animal community of bloggers that we have come met and have been overwhelmed at being able to connect with other crazy dog lovers. We love to share our experience, strength and hope in the hopes that all dogs will find a furever home.

    Great question. Thanks for asking.