Why Do I Bother? – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes I wander around blogville on a Wednesday and ask myself, “Why do I even bother?”

I can’t compete with the graceful elegance of Tails and Tails,the raw burst of speed on Greyhounds Can Sit, the posed silliness (not to mention the flawless grooming) of BZ Dogs, and the irreverent wackiness of Wootube.

What are the photographic offerings of Something Wagging This Way Comes?

Well, first you have your basic blurry shot:

Honey the Golden Retriever runs in a blur at Conley Park.

Don’t worry. No one could take a good picture of me when I’m running this fast.

And, of course, ugly settings:

Honey the Golden Retriever poses in the bathroom at Keuka Lake State Park.

What was going through your mind here? And if it ever comes that way again, just say no.

And who could forget the sad-puppy-who-doesn’t-want-to-pose shots?

Sad Honey posing in front of Ithaca High School.

I think it was Mark Twain who said photography is a good walk ruined.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you get a shot of a happy dog on a sunny day. And maybe that’s all you need.

Honey the Golden Retriever poses beside Fall Creek in Ithaca.

Ok, enough posing. Can we get back to our walk now?


Your Turn: What’s your style of photography? Carefully composed shots? Or shooting as much as you can in hopes something turns out halfway decent?

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  1. Lol, I’m definitely in the ‘shoot as much as you can in hopes of something coming out half way decent’ :) I can take 300 photos in an hour at the beach and be pleased with 10 of them. Frankie and Beryl aren’t trained well enough to do carefully composed shots, it’s very hit and miss with us, mostly misses.

    I love your last photo of Honey, but all your photos have a story behind them … I’d love to know the story behind your second photo :)

    Thanks for the heads up Pamela.

    • Ha, I don’t think my little point and shoot camera has a fast enough shutter speed to take 300 shots in an hour. :)

      As for the bathroom photo–we rented a car and visited a nearby state park on a chilly spring day. Honey had to accompany me into the bathroom and I was reflecting on the horrible things she has to endure for me.

      I took the photo over a month ago thinking I’d find some way to work it into a funny post.

      Poor puppy. She puts up with so much.

  2. Ha ha ha! Well, I can tell you that there are usually plenty of outtakes! This is especially true when more than one dog is involved. I tend to go with both. I like composed, pretty shots, and most of the time Bunny is very good at them. Once in a while we hit the dog park, too, and I wait for my chance to get action shots, but those are trickier for me to get. I think the main ingredient in good dog pictures is patience, and just waiting for your dog to give you the right look at the right time. If I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to get a picture of Honey while I’m at BlogPaws! 😛

    • It’s certainly true that your posed shots are one of your special strengths.

      As for being patient enough to wait for Honey to give me the right look at the right time? I think I’m better off taking any old picture and hoping I can come up with a funny enough caption to justify the bad picture. :)

      Honey would be honored to have her picture taken by you, BTW. Maybe she doesn’t mind the camera. She’s just tired of being so poorly depicted. :)

  3. But…you CAN pride yourself on always taking better photos than I do! :)

    • I don’t think that’s true, Caren. I’ve never seen a bad photo of Dakota on your blog. And it can’t just be his ruggedly charming good looks. :)

  4. I think all of these pictures are great!

  5. Another post that hits a vein. I’m like you – take as many as I can with my little iPhone and hope one out of 10 is decent enough. We try posing Jack, but he’s too concerned with the treat I am enticing him with to look composed. Maggie is too fearful of the camera to ever have a look that says more than “get that camera out of my face”. Oh well. I have to satisfy myself with a few shots I get, or the ones my sister takes for me 😉

  6. Woof! Woof! Actions shots are always blurry … mom alwasy forget to change the camera setting. Mmm mom always takes photo in odd spaces (fun of photography). I have those pretend to be sad moments, no more photos. Of course, Golden SMILES are precious. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. LOL – I have this same thought every Sunday and Wednesday. There are some incredible photographers out in Blogville who inspire me to improve my own skills, but honestly, when it comes to blog visiting, I’m here for the dogs. So share a sweet story with some pictures of a cute and happy pet, and I’ll all in.

    I love seeing pictures of Honey in your blog posts and I love how your blog posts get us thinking.

  8. I always say that you have to give the pawents a challenge to get a good photo. I love the one of you running. You were faster than the camera. that is what counts!
    Wednesdays wags

  9. I love ALL your pics above! I prefer “fly by the seat of my pants” pics. If you follow along my blog, you’ll see blogs of Titan sprawled out on the bed most of the time, blurred face shots of him cause his in action, and some darker photos. To me, any pic of him is blog worthy and adorable! Keep on snapping gf!

  10. Pretty much the latter for me too. I try to excuse away my lack of skill with my lack of excellent camera-age but I don’t think that’s quite true, especially when I see people take gorgeous shots on their smart phones that are much better than anything I’ve ever pulled off.

    The thing is, when it comes to animals who we love, I don’t think there really is such a thing as a bad photo. I know I could look at blurry Honey all day long. :-)

  11. When I try to get photos of Boomer and Dottie in action is rarely works, they are a blur to the camera because to be honest I need a better camera. So most of the time my pictures are ones that are either posed or ones I catch them in a good pose. But, I am by far a professional photographer and sometimes wonder if I’ll get any better seeing some of the shots others get with their dogs.

  12. I try to compose shots when using my DSLR. But when i’m outside and have my small camera, it’s point, shoot, and hope. I can’t see the stupid screen on the back in the sun.

  13. Oh, I think Ma is with you on photography. Just click away until you catch something good. Besides, it is hard to get a good photo of me…being dark colored, with hair always covering my eyes, never sitting still for more than 2 seconds…you know how it is.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  14. At least you don’t make the big mistake my mommy tends to make: I strike the perfect pose (mostly because I’m ready for her little “photo session” to end, and instead of clicking the “take” button, she pushes the “off” button. Happens every time! I’m so glad your mommy keeps trying, because in the end she got that great shot of you. Beautiful!

  15. I just love the sad puppy shot! too sweet!

  16. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Definitely shooting as much as I can and hoping at least one comes out great. :-) I’ve always liked the “Candid Camera” shots better, anyway, just because they’re more “natural”.

  17. Personally, I love the bathroom shot. I think it’s raw and honest. I’d to the exact same thing. Heh. I snap a million photos trying to get a good one, unless I’m posting inanimate objects. Even then I snap a million from different angles.

  18. Those reasons sound good enough to me! 😉 Love the bathroom shot!

  19. We think you do pawsomely well. You should see of our stinkers and there have been a few. LOL the bathroom. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  20. Haha, I think my style would definitely be the latter.
    Great photographers are awesome and all but I come to your blog for the thoughtful prose:)

  21. I am an avowed snapshot taker…no pretensions, it’s not art, i just try to capture the spirit of one moment in time

  22. That last one is very good. Generally, one in 20 photos comes out good for me. :)

  23. I had to upgrade cameras when we got our last pup. At 4 mo. old, she never stood still and I only have about 2 decent shots from her puppyhood, so we bought a higher end, bigger, faster camera. It’s not exactly handy for taking along places (def’ly can’t put it in your purse or pocket) and it’s not high-end enough for the *really* great shots (looked into those cameras and they cost about 4X what I paid for this one!) but it’s good enough. And if I take enough shots I can usually find some that I’m happy with!

    That’s the beauty of digital now – you can snap as many as you like and just delete (or laugh at) the bad ones!

  24. I can’t ever seem to get a good picture either. It seems natural light does help me a bit though when I don’t have to rely on flash. Your last picture turned out beautifully though! :)

  25. I couldn’t stand the lousy photos with my cell phone or even my pocket camera anymore, and finally had to get out my fancy SLR. I just started with it, so I’ll be finding out if it’s really the camera, or the photographer! At least the SLR is fast, and so far I’m just taking lots of photos and hoping there are some good ones in there. My dogs definitely don’t cooperate much for any nicely posed photos.

  26. We do a combination of both. Some posing, most of them I try to catch in their natural state of being at that moment. And most of the time I miss plenty of those! Other times I just keep clicking and hope for the best.

    I think all your shots are great! I like the blurry fast one, makes me wonder how fast she was really going. :)

  27. Hehe looks like some of my photos. I try to plan Shiner’s photos sometimes, but she’s not such a good “poser”. With my rat, I just shoot for the best and hope they turn out… rats are NOT easy to photograph.

  28. 1 shot out of 4 – I’ll take those odds any day! Actually 2, as happy dogs running are always winners. Restrooms? Umm…. well, perhaps you can add a no-restroom clause to your modeling contract. You do have one, right? :)

  29. Every blog has its thing, some have perfect pics, some have great writing, some are super fun and some are a mix. The blog has to express you, and that is the main thing. I like to be silly and love to model, my photographer is trying to learn how to take better pics but she is by far not a professional! You have fun, you have readers, that is what blogging is about, not perfection!

  30. Love it. Now imagine it times three. I keep trying to take pictures of all three of my dogs together. There’s always at least one who’s looking away, one who’s distracted by a bug and someone else is licking her nose. I wrote a couple of posts about it last year: Picture Perfect Part I (http://www.completewithdogs.com/2012/08/picture-perfect-part-i.html) and Part II (http://www.completewithdogs.com/2012/08/picture-perfect-part-ii.html). My tricks for a good photo are to use plenty of treats, some Sit, Down and Stay practice–and most of all, keep the camera at hand for those fun candids!

  31. Max's Ma says:

    Ha ha ha!

  32. I use my last-second evasion technique when the flashy box comes out so mummy just has to hope for the best BOL

  33. I am definitely of the “take as many as you can, and hope for something decent” family! Lol

  34. I’m a terrible photographer…so your photos look good to me. Besides, I come back to your blog to read…the pictures of sweet Honey and her transient friends are just gravy. :-)