Who’s Watching in the Dark – Wordless Wednesday

Snug in my tent, I hear rustling in the bushes.

Honey the Golden Retriever lurks in the bushes.

Who says you’ll only find scary beasts out in the woods?

It’s getting closer. Oh no! It’s right outside the tent.
Honey the Golden Retriever is lurking outside my tent.

It’s so close I could almost touch it.

I feel like I’m being watched. What could it be?
Honey the Golden Retriever smiles from the porch.

What do you look so scared for? It’s just me.


Your Turn: When does your dog most act like a wild beast?

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  1. One very viscous Golden it looks like :)

  2. LOL Emmas’ comment. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. :)

  4. It’s one of those elusive licking goldens that only come out at night 😉

  5. That’s easy: when they have a squirrel trapped in a woodpile or a pipe! They get so excited internecine fights can break out?

  6. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    LOL@ Emily’s comment! I have two “elusive licking Goldens” but they come out at all times of the day — and sometimes night too!

    Ducky acts most like a “wild beast” when she REALLY, REALLY has to go potty. She is too funny! Or, when she senses a squirrel is just outside the porch door.

  7. Who could possibly be afraid of that sweet Honey!

  8. Not scary at all

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Even sweet stuff can be scary in the dark! :)

  10. If only that were the scariest thing out there at night!

  11. Love Emily’s comment BOL

  12. I can just hear the Jaws theme playing in the background. :)

  13. I love how you just see something lurking, and then you finally see this sweet Golden, smiling! :)