Who’d Make a Better Leader, You or Your Dog? – Take the Survey

Golden Retriever with Cape May Ferry in the background

I think I look very presidential here.

The United States is the latest country choosing its leader following Iceland, Russia, France, Madagascar, Venezuela…

As I’ve watched the proceedings of our own election, I sometimes ask myself: “Can’t we do better than this?”

I’d Rather Vote for my Dog

In college, I was very interested in politics. I even considered some day running for office.

But as I consider the traits of a wise leader, Honey is vastly superior to me.

  • She’s a clear communicator. When she’s ready for a snack, I know it.
  • Honey doesn’t sulk when someone growls at her. She shakes it off and finds someone else to play with.
  • She has a form of empathy. She recognizes the difference between a baby and an adult, a puppy and a dog, and changes her behavior accordingly.
  • She’s certainly smarter than I am.

Honey the Golden Retriever for President?

Are you Presidential Material? Is Your Dog?

I put together a little quiz. Click the link  below to see who would be a better political leader. You? Or your dog? I’ll share the survey results next week.

What did you discover? Are there leadership traits waiting to be found in your own house? Are they yours? Or your dogs?

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  1. What a hilarious survey! I would imagine most of our dogs will come out on top. Shiva is definitely a better communicator and is far more charismatic but she is not the most empathetic or diplomatic dog in the world. Honey would beat her hands-down in both of those categories. She has come a long way, but my little instigator still has a lot to learn about playing nice with others.

  2. I think we were an even tie, between the dogs and I.


  3. coool survey… funny too… cici is seriously more persistent but I think I am more diplomatic so perhaps it is a wash LOL…

  4. that was fun! can’t wait to see the results.

  5. Ha ha ha! Is there any doubt that Bunny would be a better leader? She’s running her own Pink Party, for heaven’s sake! I loved your survey, and I can’t wait to see the results!

  6. Oh man, that was funny. It turns out, my dog and I appear to be the exact same person/dog. Although she does lose points for her less-than-spectacular diplomacy skills. 😉

  7. this was sooo much fun! But…I took it but how do I get the score? I didn’t see it?

  8. Hey Honey, Jet here. Hi Miss Pamela.

    I’d vote for you, Honey!

    Mom said on the survey a few answers would have been both! Great idea.

  9. Oh, Silas is way too neurotic. And, while he does clearly tell people what he wants from them, it is usually “Get Away! Get Away Now!! Get Away Faster!!!”

  10. I’m imagining Misty the alpha Poodle taking a few nips at Congress to get them to see the light and pass her legislation.

  11. I spent a long time staring at those questions but couldnt complete the survey because I think Georgia and I are both about the same. Except for the last 2 questions. She’s a better communicator (I garble on too much) and I’m more diplomatic (she can be a rabble rouser). That was fun! Thanks Pamela X

  12. I love Dougles Adams’ though on the subject: “Anybody capable of getting themselves elected a president should never be allowed to have the job.”

    I think that about sums it up.

    Would I make a better president of would Jasmine? Well, she would cut the crap, that’s for sure. Me? I’m a big sap, so I guess that wouldn’t work.

  13. What an original idea! But as an old campaign pro, I look at a candidate’s ability to campaign effectively.

    Although Bogie would not doubt win any election on his adorable TV personality, he would not be a particularly good campaigner. He would never be able to mount an attack ad for instance. Now, the dog down on the corner–he’d rip that other candidate to shreds.

    In debates, Bogie would be too susceptible to being thrown a bone to sniff out the truth about the other candidate.

    And since he’s the cute but silent type, He’d be a disaster at making campaign speeches.

  14. I took the survey and it’s clear to me that I’m the leader in our house – or at least I should be!! Tee Hee

    Big wags

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. It was hard for me to remember that “You” was my peoples, and to click “your dog” for myself. :-)