Who Would Play Your Dog in the Movies?

Eryka, over at Kahuna’s K9s, features a different dog each Thuper Thursday. And each time she asks, “Who would play your dog in the movies?”

Marilyn Monroe stamp poster by Candie_N on Flickr.comWhen Honey was featured, we answered, “Marilyn Monroe, of course.”

As a puppy, Honey could not walk anywhere without being mobbed by fans. But Honey, like Marilyn, is more than just a pretty face. Honey is beautiful and flirtatious and yet a little vulnerable.

And Honey, like Marilyn, has some serious comedy chops. Just look at those funny captions she writes for Something Wagging. And Marilyn, in Some Like It Hot, showed comic timing that was every bit as good as Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Golden Retriever with stick

They wanted me to pose nude but I insisted on keeping my collar and harness on. A girl's gotta have standards, after all.

What do you think? Does your dog have the sophisticated wink of a George Clooney? Or the serious-minded patriotism of a John Wayne?

Is your dog an Isabella Rosellini diva? Does she have the playful sense of a Cameron Diaz?

Or is your dog more like Dame Edna?

Well you can play along too. Eryka’s sponsoring a blog hop where she asks folks to share the celebrity whose personality/reputation is most like your dog’s.

So tell us, who would play your dog in a movie?


[Photo of Marilyn poster by Candie_N.]


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  1. Ooo! I agree with the Marilyn…maybe a Marilyn in training, considering Honey’s young age. :) How about Ashley Tisdale – someone cute and young, just coming on the scene!

    • Here’s where lack of a tv gets me in trouble–I just had to google Ashley Tisdale because I had no idea who she was. I’ll wait a few years and let you know on that one.

      I always go for the oldsters. I guess that’s why no one asks me to cast a movie–I only know dead actors.

      Fun blog hop! I loved Jodi’s entry for Kolchak!

  2. I could see Honey as Marilyn Monroe!

    I’ve always thought of Bunny like Grace Kelly or Katherine Hepburn, but if I had to pick someone more current, perhaps Evangeline Lilly. I’ve always thought Lilac was a bit like Mae West! I’ll have to think a little harder for Morgan and Blueberry!

    • I definitely see Bunny as Grace Kelly. Do you think she’s as crotchety as Katharine Hepburn?

      Once again, Evangeline Lilly drove me back to google. I’ve never seen Lost so I had no idea who she was. Without tv, I am definitely falling behind. I’ll never win on Jeopardy now. :)

  3. What a fun idea for a blog hop:) And yes, I can definitely see Honey being played by Marilyn Monroe! Perfect. Beryl is definitely Katherine Hepburn but I haven’t got Frankie tagged yet. I don’t know any of the ‘young’ actors these days but I’m leaning towards Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow kind of character for Frankie:)

    • I find it fascinating that two different greyhound people have come up with Katharine Hepburn. That could be a very good choice–especially the athletic Kate in the movie, Pat and Mike. I could definitely see her doing zoomies in between playing tennis and golf.

      Any dog should be proud to be played by Johnny Depp. I think he’s one of the more unusual actors working today. What does Frankie think?

  4. Marilyn Munroe is perfect! She had far more talent than Hollywood ever gave her credit for. Honey has the looks and the ability – no doubt she will be just as big a star!

    I am terrible at coming up with good Hollywood matches. Just awful. I don’t watch that many movies, especially newer ones, so I don’t know that many well enough to match them up. I am going to have to think long and hard about this one.

    • Based on your descriptions of Shiva, I would definitely look to comedians for inspiration. Shiva’s looks remind me of Sarah Silverman–slender, dark and beautiful but in a quirky way. And the description “tornado on a leash” makes me think of Kathy Griffin.

      What do you think?

  5. Hmmm…. Now you’ve got me thinking. I really can’t think of anyone in Hollywood that matches Daisy’s personality. She’s my sweet baby girl (maybe no one is good enough for comparison?). Jasper, however, could be a ton of different people. He’s adorable like Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman, but I think he has little guy syndrome (although he is larger than most Shelties) and might be better as Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito. Now that I think about it Joe Pesci is closer to it. :)

    • Do you think Daisy is a female Tom Hanks? He is known as the nicest guy in Hollywood, after all?

      I love the idea of Jasper being played by Joe Pesci. That’s great!

  6. Blonds have more fun, go Honey!
    Great idea, I have to give it some thought who that can be for Kenzo probably will not make it before the close of the blog hop though :(

  7. Chick = Luke Perry from the 90210 days, for sure. Charming and playful, but with a brooding, serious side and those eyes . . .
    Still thinking about Stevie-girl . . .

  8. Love the Marilyn choice! I’m going to have to ponder for Bella…

    • I can’t quite think of a name but Bella reminds me of one of those great, old time Broadway actresses with a big voice and a quirky sense of style. Of course her “cave” performances might be more suited to Greta Garbo since she “wants to be alone.”

  9. While I’d love to nominate someone full of dashing good looks and class, I think Darby would more likely be played by some random unkempt, socially awkward spaz :)

    • Are you thinking someone like Andy Dick? I was wondering if Steve Carell might be a good choice. He’s goofy but has some charm and debonair-ness under the surface.

  10. Honey is a beautiful blonde! A perfect Marilyn Monroe 😉
    I think Cali would be played by Sandra Bullock – she’s pretty, but still has a sense of humor (& is a little clumsy! . .Oh wait, maybe that’s me!)