Who Is Dearest To Me?

The liebster award button.After blogging for almost five years, I rarely accept and pass on awards.

But I recently received one from a surprising place: a sailing blog. And I’m thrilled to be recognized by bloggers who inspire me as they cruise aboard their sailboat with not one, but two, large dogs.

Even if you don’t share the dream of sailing the seven seas, you’ll love seeing the gorgeous tropical scenes and meeting Betsy, a pit/boxer mix, and Gunner the Weimaraner. Go see for yourself.

So thank you Peter and Jody from Where the Coconuts Grow for passing on The Liebster Award to Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Liebster is German for dearest. So after I answer a few questions from Where the Coconuts Grow, I’ll tell you what blogs are dearest to me.

1. Why did you start a blog?

Because puppies don’t stay puppies forever. I wanted to share what I learned about Honey and myself from our very first day together until… Well, until I have nothing else to learn.

Honey the golden retriever puppy sleeps in her crate.

Honey – the early days.

2. Why do you still blog?

I haven’t run out of things to say. I have 44 unpublished posts waiting in my queue. And 8 pages of ideas in a notebook.

Now we’re looking forward to moving aboard a sailboat with Honey. If my coconut loving friends are any sign, that will give me plenty more to write about.

Honey the sailing dog.

3. Who do you know that SHOULD have a blog, but doesn’t?

Wow, what a great question.

Can I say Batman? Wouldn’t you like the chance to get inside that noggin?

4. What is the first blog you can remember reading and how did you find it?

Wow, it was so long ago I can’t remember. It was definitely before WordPress.

I suspect it had to do with personal writing since I used to teach workshops on journaling and I was very interested in online journals.

5. What are three things you are grateful for today?

Net neutrality – I’m thrilled that the internet still gives an equal platform for all kinds of people to create helpful and entertaining content. I don’t know where I’d be if I had delays in accessing instructions for parging my foundation walls or cute puppy videos. Or all my favorite blogs.

One last weekend to go sailing – Sure, it will be 45 degrees F (7 C) and rainy. But it’s sailing.

My wonderful family who makes home the best place to be, even if I am a gregarious extrovert.

6. Do you actually read other blog posts, or just look for the pretty pictures?

Actually, I’m far more likely to read other blog posts than I am to look for pretty pictures. If I’m admiring your photos, even when they don’t have many words, you’ve really done something to draw me in.

I’m looking at you, Sue of Greyhounds Can Sit.

7. What advice would you give to your past self, 10 years ago?

Stop fighting against painful feelings. They exist. They’ll come back. You give them more power when you rage against them instead of accepting them as messages.

8. What or who inspires you to follow your dreams?

Every successful person who most people have never heard of.

If you ask the average person about Lin Pardey, Patricia McConnell, or Kalle Lasn they’ll reply, “who?” But each of these people has done great work and inspired many others to do interesting things.

Success is about more than fame. And since becoming famous is as horrifying to me the third level of hell, it keeps me striving to find my place in the world and do good work.

9. On your boat, who is really, and I mean really, the captain? (Figuratively or metaphorically, if you don’t have a boat)

Really, I mean really, it changes all the time. And that fact makes my husband crazy who thinks I need to be more authoritative and use command structure.

We take turns captaining on the boat. We practice giving and taking orders.

But ultimately, I guess Honey is the captain. Because we don’t do anything if she doesn’t fit into the plans.

Mike at the wheel of the sailboat on Lake Ontario.

Would you put your life in the hands of this captain?

10. Where would you live if you had an unlimited amount of money?

In a corner somewhere rocking back and forth from the stress of having an unlimited amount of money. I can’t think of anything more horrifying.

Passing The Liebster Along

And now my favorite part. I get to ask ten nosy questions of some of my favorite blogs.

Here are a few blogs dearest to me, in random order:

Rescued Insanity – a fond favorite since I started blogging. I definitely have pennist envy.

Heart Like a Dog – funny, indignant, and sweet, often at the same time.

Puppy Leaks – a newish blog with lots of practical tips and a heart for dogs. Dying to know what inspired the name.

Groovy Goldendoodles – around for a while but new to me, this blog is fun. Just like Harley, the titled doodle.

It’s Dog or Nothing – if one big dog is good, two is better. Love reading about the life of two Great Pyrenees and their loving person.

Let’s Go Dog – looking for inspiration to travel with your dog? Just the pictures alone will send you to tune up your car.

25 Castles on 25 Clouds – takes me back to my earliest favorite online journals. Honest talk about relationships, dogs, and making a home.

The Golden Life – likable. It’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Sue, Shadow, Callie, and Ducky.

Bloggers, your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to answer the questions below. Choose up to 10 blogs that are dearest to you. And to ask your own ten questions.

1. What three personal traits are you most proud of?

2. Why did you start blogging?

3. Why do you continue to blog?

4. What does your dream life look like?

5. What prevents you from living your dream life?

6. How do you feel when your blogging is going well?

7. Who makes you feel like your best self?

8. Which bloggers most inspire you?

9. When did you do something that took real courage?

10. What three things give you the greatest joy?

I can’t wait to see your answers. And learn more about your favorite blogs.

Good luck, Liebsters.

Your Turn: Your opinion? Are blog awards just self-serving? Or do you find it fun to learn more about folks you only know online?




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  1. Always love getting a peak into the mind of Pamela. And thanks for the list of blogs – hadn’t heard of the 25 castles one, will have to check it out.

    • I’ve really enjoyed “meeting” Lauranne of 24 Castles on 25 Clouds. It’s fun to read a blog by a dog lover who talks about things besides dogs. :)

  2. Blogging awards just stress me out. It is flattering to get one because it means someone likes your efforts, but I don’t enjoy answering the questions. Generally I just thank the person that nominated me and let them know I am lousy at follow-through. I think the whole blogging award thing has died off a bit. There was a while there that we were all throwing them around like Mardi Gras beads.

    I don’t know most of the ones you listed so now I have new blogs to check out.

    • The awards go around when there are a bunch of people blogging for the same amount of time. After you’ve been at it a while, like we have, it can feel like lots of work.

      But I have to admit, I love reading how people answer questions. I probably should have been a reporter.

  3. When we first got a few, it was really flattering and fun, but then it seemed to become a chore to answer all the questions and to have the task of deciding who to pass it on to because we like so many different blogs for different reasons. Congratulations to you!

    • I’ve joked that I needed to start an anarchy award. It has no rules. You can accept it or not. Post a badge or not. And pass it on or not.

      Sounds cool, huh?

  4. You are so right about Greyhounds Can Sit. Those pictures are always beautiful!

    • I know! I was sad when Sue took a blogging break for a while because she had important things to deal with IRL. But it was really exciting when she came back to see how much time she’s put into her photography.

      And Asher, Frankie, and Beryl are gorgeous models.

  5. I love Patricia McConnell – if it weren’t for her books, especially “Mine” I wouldn’t have been able to control Laika’s resource guarding nearly as well. She seems to have such a gift when it comes to really understanding why a dog behaves a certain way – and she makes it easy for us dog owners to relate. Thank you so much for the award, I have to think about this for a bit :) I will tell you that I came up with the name as a play on “wiki leaks” and if I had done just the tiniest bit of research I would have realized people getting to my site would be looking for dog diapers.

    • Yes, Patricia McConnell is a hero of mine too. And I love reading her blog. She does make behavioral science very easy for lay people to understand. And yet, as a dog lover herself, shares her own confusion as she tries to figure things out in her own household.

      So glad to hear what inspired Puppy Leaks. I was always wondering. Perhaps Wiki Pup would have gotten the idea across better. :) Do you get lots of search terms involving pee pads?

      And don’t stress over the award. It’s supposed to be fun. Not a burden.

  6. Oh heck Pamela, you’ve made me blush! Thank you for the mention, I’m chuffed :)

    Congratulations on getting an award from a sailing blog! I am going to check it out because they’ve got dogs.

    I feel the same as Taryn about awards. I have lots of guilt because I don’t pass them on mixed in with the stress. I can remember how excited and flattered (and I’m still always flattered!) I was to receive my first few awards but then the novelty wore off. Having said that I have really enjoyed reading your answers to your questions. The questions you have posed look interesting (why am I not surprised) so I may just have to check out some more new blogs!

    I also have to Google Lyn Pardey and Kalle Lasn as I haven’t heard of them. And I must go visit Kelley up above, her comment is as unexpected and flattering as an award for me :) You’ve both made my day!

    I have a question. When you go sailing how are you going to be able to blog? Is there internet access on the ocean or will you have to wait until you’re anchored somewhere near land?

    44 unpublished posts and 8 pages of ideas, sheesh! I’m struggling to find a good photo for Sepia Saturday! As always, more power to you Pamela.

    • It’s awful that something that should be fun and complimentary, like a blog award, becomes a worrisome burden. Perhaps it would be better to send bitcoins to people we admire? :)

      So if you haven’t googled yet (and for others coming after you), Lin Pardey is a writer who has been living aboard a <30 foot sailboat with her husband Larry for around 50 years. The last I heard, they were in New Zealand. They're a major inspiration for cruising sailors the world over.

      Kalle Lasn is on of the founders of Adbusters, a magazine that critiques consumer culture with humor. They're also responsible for "Buy Nothing Day" which is otherwise known in the U.S. as the biggest shopping day of the year (the day after our Thanksgiving).

      As for blogging, remember that here in the U.S. we have lots of land masses to explore before setting out across open ocean. With a wifi booster, we should have internet access in many places up to a few miles offshore.

      When we were in Panama, the Guna Yala indians all had smart phones and were entirely connected to the internet. They did not, however, have electricity, many power engines, or other regular features of our lives.

      It will be a while (if ever) before we have the skills to cross oceans. And then we won't be able to afford internet via satellite.

  7. Oh, I’m glad you answered the questions for this award! Great stuff.

    That picture of Honey in the crate is ADORABLE.

  8. Congratulations! I don’t know all of those blogs, so I’ll have fun looking at some new ones.
    Honey looks very cute in that picture. It’s surprising how pale she was.

  9. Wow thank you so so much, for not only your lovely words but including me in your list of ‘chosen 10’. You are one of my most favourite bloggers, and I aspire to be as ‘good as you’ so that fact that you thought of me has put a massive smile on my face! I know they are just a bit of fun, but as I don’t have many awards I am still loving the whole experience!! Thank you

  10. Pamela – I owe you an apology – forgive my tardiness. I read this post on my phone while out and about and never responded back to you. Thank you so very much for thinking of me – this is actually the first award I’ve ever received, and it’s extra special coming from a blogger that I admire and enjoy. I accept :) and I will respond in a few days with my answers and my list of Liebster awardees. This was super sweet of you – thanks from Harley & I

  11. I’m so sorry I just saw this now. Thank you so much! It means more than you know to be recognized by such a fantastic blogger.