Where’s Something Wagging This Way Comes

For now, the Something Wagging team is split up.

As you read this, Mike and I are in Panama. Honey is waiting for us at home.

I’ve got the same questions from different people. So I thought I’d answer them in one place for  everyone who worries that Honey is feeling neglected.

Honey the Golden Retriever waits.

They said they’d be back to play with me in a month. What’s a month?


What’s Honey doing while you’re gone?

The same things she does when we’re home—eating, sleeping, pooping, playing, and just being adorable, like always.

Who is keeping her company?

Our good friend Diana is also a pet sitter. She’ll be living in our house while we’re gone. Honey absolutely adores her and won’t mind us being gone one little bit. Especially since Diana lets her sleep on the bed.

What in the world are you doing in Panama?

Trying to figure out if sailing in a beautiful, tropical environment is half as much fun as sailing in the icy, inland waters of North America. We’re meeting our new friends on the Gilana who have dedicated their lives to teaching others how to mellow out and enjoy all the wonderful world has to offer.

Why didn’t you take Honey with you? Doesn’t she like to sail?

Honey is fine with sailing. An entire day spent flying or in airports? Not so much.

Believe me, she’ll be much happier at home.

How long will you be gone?

About a month.

Will you be blogging from Panama?

No freaking way. We’ll be in a pretty remote area—the Guna Yala control 365 islands but only 40 or so of them are inhabited.

Coconut palms are not known for providing good wi-fi.

But I have pre-scheduled some posts. And I encourage you to respond to each other in the comments. After all, the comments are the best written part of Something Wagging.

Will you bring us something from your trip?

What are you thinking? A puppy? A dog fish?

Will you continue Something Wagging when you return?

I certainly hope so. Unless, of course, I become so indolent in the tropics that I lose my ability to spend three hours each morning writing blog posts.

Or, unless Honey decides she’s tired of being the star of the blog.

We’ll be back before you know it. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to while we’re gone. In the meantime, check out this quick video of the part of the world we’re visiting.


Your Turn: What’s the longest time you’ve ever been away from your dog. Who found it harder? You? Or your dog?


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  1. Mom is never gone for more than a week and it is more difficult for her to be gone than for us. She doesn’t like to be gone much in the first place and then she misses us terribly. Luckily, she is traveled out, so she rarely goes anywhere.

  2. We don’t travel much, mostly because I hate being away from the animals. We once went away for 10 days, and that was way too much for me. We reduced it to a week, still too much! We now limit our trips away to 3-4 nights at the most. I don’t like to fly anyway, so shorter trips close to home work for me. Luckily, we have two very trustworthy house/pet sitters – my sister and one of my best friends. The dogs love them both, so they are definitely fine. If those two both become unavailable, I’m not sure what we’ll do! Probably stay home!

  3. You are going to learn to mellow out? If you come home with instructions for how to do that, can you share them? I sure could benefit. Lol. Enjoy your sailing trip.

  4. It is so exquisite that I seriously think you may end up living there! Safe travels!!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful time. We are not big travelers – partly becasue we hate being away from the dogs, but also hate the maddening crowds. The most I’ve been away was a two week trip a few years ago – it was torture. The dogs were home, with dad, so I think they were fine. Me? Not so much

  6. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    Can I hide in your suitcase the next time you go? OMD, IT’S BEAUTIFUL!! More inviting than the Florida Keys!! Kinda reminds me of the 50’s and 60’s WWII movies of the islands in the Pacific that the Japanese tried to control.
    As for the longest I’ve ever been away from my girls? Back in ’07, I had to spend a year in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for five days. Does that give you an idea as to who was worse for the wear? Actually, Callie and Shadow were fine…Daddy took good care of them while Mommy was gone. After those five days in Ft. Smith, I swore I would never go back. It was for work and I didn’t care if they fired me, I was determined never to go out there again! The place reminded me of Tombstone in Wyatt Earp’s day. I half expected to see Val Kilmer walk out of a saloon dressed like Doc Holliday!! Otherwise, the most time Sam and I have spent away from the girls has been a four-day weekend — before Ducky — and they loved it because Auntie Andrea spoiled them rotten.

  7. Have a GREAT time. It’s hard for me to travel these days with all the rescue dogs – the care cost is prohibitive. I was lucky to have house sitters in May when I went to SD – win win for all of us. Honey will be overjoyed on your return, I know it!

  8. Hope you’re having a fabulous time.

    My hubs once went to Russia for ~6 weeks to teach a business course. I went along at the end for about 3 weeks to travel in Russia and Europe. At the time we lived nowhere near our families, so a friend from grad school said he’d take the dog to his family home as they were big dog lovers. The day we showed up to drop her off, I realized their yard was only fenced on one side! We had a beagle! (If folks don’t know, beagles are runners!) I was terrified that she wouldn’t be there when we got back, but she amazingly stayed with them. I was so happy to see her when we got back, and she went NUTS over my hubs. (She was always daddy’s girl.)

    Now my dogs stay with my sis, and vice versa. Nice to know they are someplace we have full trust in.

  9. Leaving Honey at home with a live-in pet sitter sounds like a good choice. As much as I’d love to take my dogs everywhere with me on vacation, the thought of having them travel in the cargo area of a plane sounds terrible.

  10. Have a good time.

  11. Wonderful that you have a live-in pet sitter for Honey. If you have to leave your dog, that’s the way to do it. I hope you have a wonderful time – and I look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return. Happy sailing!

  12. Wow a whole month. Must be hard to be away from your sapiens for so long. Sounds like you will be in good hands though!

  13. RainbowCatsx8+2 says:

    OurPeople have been together for nearly 24 years and one or the other of them has been with us and our various RB fursibs every night of all those years, mostly both of them. OurBoy has been away from home maybe a total of 6 days and OurGirl 16 days, but 12 of those were in the hospital. They’ve always had lots of dogs and cats (7 was the most pups, the 10 of us now the most cats) and they manage two TNR cat colonies now, too. Never a dull moment, but also never a night away from home. No problem, since they’re both very big homebodies/homebuddies!

    Hope you have a grand, care-free time on your sailing vacation! We know Honey is in good hands and will be fine…especially if Diana reads her a bedtime story before they drift off to Dreamland. Love & loud purring from us!

  14. hope you have a great time!

  15. Have a wonderful holiday!

  16. Wow-sailing in Panama! That sounds like so much fun. We are away from the pups a couple of weeks at a time when we go to Europe, and we survive but just barely :)

  17. It looks beautiful. Have a great time!
    Honey, don’t get up to too much mischief!

  18. Huntley Doodle says:

    My mom travels a lot with her job but she always leaves me with my aunt or my grandparents. They spoil me rotten. The longest she’s left me without coming to visit is 6 weeks. That was a really long time. I was so happy when she came home that I had to jump and leap and lick her face and not let her out of my sight for a single second! The longest my mom has left me with the pet sitter (not my real family) is 1-1/2 weeks. She’s very sad when she has to do this but I have a great time playing with all the other dogs. My pet sitter “Auntie Laura” posts pictures and videos of me having a good time so my mom won’t be so sad. I think my mom has a harder time being away from me.

    I hope Honey has a great pet sitter like I do and that you have a great time in Panama.

  19. Have fun!!!!

    The longest I’ve been away was when I went to BlogPaws and I took it harder. The dogs did pine for me, but they quickly adjusted to making J the center of their world and probably got a lot more structure too.

  20. Oh hey, hola! Looks like we’re in the same neighbourhood.

    Lucky Honey. We weren’t able to find a dog sitter we liked who didn’t come with a cat. Weird eh. Poor Georgia is back with Mr O, for 3 months time time. I bet she ignores us when we pick her up. Hope you’re having a ball. I would definitely prefer sailing in tropical waters 😉

    Muchas besos X