Where Will Honey Land?

It’s freaking cold. Most of the other boating snow birds are already in Florida, the Bahamas, or arriving there shortly.

We’re still asking ourselves: where will Honey land?

Where will Honey the sailing dog land?

And They’re Off

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow we start heading south.

Cambridge Lighthouse - where will Honey land?

The Cambridge Lighthouse as seen from “nun” 6 and the Cambridge Creek.

Since we’re on a sail boat, it will be a long trip (over a month). We can only travel about 50 miles or so in a day without traveling in the dark.

But it’s not too early to figure out where we want to land for the winter.

And it occurs to me that you, beloved S’Waggers, might have some good ideas.

Crab pots at Hancock Harbor marina.

One nice thing about living on the water–you always have pretty views.

Where Should Honey Land?

So what do you think?

We won’t be going to the Caribbean this year so it looks like we’ll be settling somewhere in Florida.

We’re looking for a spot that is dog friendly.

Honey the golden retriever at the playground - where should she land?

Playgrounds are always nice. Dog beaches are even better.

As well as sailboat friendly.

The chart told me the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was about twelve feet higher than our mast. But it sure looks close, doesn't it? Good thing we have Honey as an unofficial therapy dog.

The chart told me the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was about twelve feet higher than our mast. But it sure looks close, doesn’t it?
Good thing we have Honey as an unofficial therapy dog.

If you’ve only ever seen power boats there, it’s probably because of a low bridge or shallow water—neither of which are comforting to a sailboat with a 47 foot tall mast (the mast is the tall stick that supports the sail) and a 5 foot keel (the keel is a heavy mass on the hull under the water line that helps to balance the tall mast and keep us upright).

Cheap would also be nice.

No Cash no Splash sign - where will Honey land?

Our favorite signs point out free dockage and restrooms. Unlike this one at a boat ramp.

Mooring balls or easy anchorages would be great.

And I’m really looking for someplace warm.

Honey the golden retriever cuddles Pam dressed for the cold.

What I wear when we’re sailing in the 60s.

And of course we’d love a place with friendly people. And dogs.

Being passed on the C&D Canal.

Always looking over your shoulder at your neighbors is not a fun way to live.

Does anyone have a fabulous place in Florida that fits our needs?

Crab pot floats on display at Hancock Harbor Marina on the Cohansey River.

The floats the watermen use to keep track of their crab pots are so pretty on display.
When you’re weaving through them trying to keep your propeller from getting fouled? Not so much.

Because Honey needs a nice place to land.

Honey the golden retriever on a boat.

Please find me a place to land. I need to feel the sand under my feet. And the lovies of friends I haven’t met yet.

More Places To Follow Honey’s Adventures

After a long day’s sail, I don’t always have time to post to Something Wagging.

But if you follow us on Facebook or Pinterest, you might see some pictures from our trips.

And if you’re curious about our wandering life on a boat, check out my husband’s blog, Bimini Dream.

Your Turn: Do you know of a great place in Forida to land temporarily? We’re happy to thank any residents who suggest their town with a lovely day sail or (if you get seasick) a dog-friendly cocktail at the dock.


Photo credits: Crab pots at sunrise, Pam the mummy, and Floats were taken by Michael Webster.

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  1. Sorry – no suggestions – mine would be too far away in California. Good luck and happy sailing though!

  2. Jacksonville has two free docks – Jacksonville City and Metropolitan Park. We enjoyed our stay at Ortega Landing (about 25 miles off the ICW from MM 740). Moorings in St. Augustine are surprisingly affordable. Marinas are not. That’s as far south as we’ve gotten, and we’re not sure how far we’re going. Just hoping to find warm, happy and dry!

    S/V FNR

  3. Sorry! Wish we could help!

  4. Fort Myers is not dog friendly, but that is all we can tell you. Enjoy and sail carefully!