Where the Wild Things Are – I’m Howling Sad Too!

R.I.P. Maurice SendakI don’t generally make a big deal when a famous person I’ve never met dies. I can’t quite see the connection to my life.

But I’ve been very rocked by the recent death of Maurice Sendak. Why?

I liked his books when I was a child but they weren’t my favorites. I tended to like older books with beautiful illustrations, like Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings.

But as an adult I learned more about Sendak. I became fascinated with the man whose life was so strongly shaped by dark and horrifying events but who somehow managed to transform his experiences into something very powerful through art.

If you’re curious and want to know more, I strongly recommend you listen to this series of interviews he did with Terry Gross of National Public Radio’s Fresh Air program. I guarantee you’ll be very moved.

Why does any of this belong on a dog blog?

I found this video. The dogs in the room respond to the Wild Things saying goodbye to Max on the television screen. I can relate.

Goodbye Maurice, goodbye.

[Photo by Kate Hiscock.]

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  1. That is adorable. Sad but adorable. I love how the dog is tossing its head back, it’s almost as if he/she knows.

  2. A lot of people tried to imitate him, but he was unique in the world.

  3. I love how the little dog comes in and has no idea what’s going on but joins in anyway.

    This video was probably supposed to be cute, but in this context, I can’t help but feel sad as well. Mr. Sednak touched millions of lives. I regret not knowing more about him until he was gone.

  4. I don’t remember reading “Where the Wild Things Are,” but read all the Little Bear books which he illustrated. I’m concerned with how sanitized and safe we are trying to make life; children have fears – removing them from expression, from books like the real fairy tales and Maurice Sendak robs them of an outlet that says, yes, what you imagine can be bad, it can be tough – life isn’t easy but it is LIFE. Life is not perfect and too many are growing up expecting it to be so.

  5. That was a phenomenal link. Thanks for sharing it Pamela. I played the vid and Ms Pea got terribly puzzled đŸ˜‰

  6. I was so sad when I heard the news! I loved the story I read about him preferring the company of his German Shepherd to most people, too. That certainly belongs on a dog blog! I’ve always been drawn to dark stories, and his were some of the best! I’ve loved reading those books to kids for many years, too.