Where Did Summer Go? Wordless Wednesday

Is anyone else wondering where the summer went?

Honey the golden retriever sniffs another leaf.

Keeping going girl. Summer must be around here somewhere.

The dog worries about a scary fitness fail.

Nope, that’s not a sign of summer.

Golden Retriever with autumn leaves

Oh well, I guess we’ll just enjoy the fall.

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  1. Frankly, I’m happy to see the summer go. I like the cooler temperatures of autumn and spring much better than the sweltering heat! And Callie and Shadow do too.

  2. That last picture’s view is gorgeous!!! Those fall colors are the best. Ours are really nice here, too. Enjoy the nice weather, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful fall colors…the one thing I miss about NY.

  4. I think I’ll keep looking for summer 😉 Although, the fluffies much prefer the fall. The last picture is absolutely breath-taking!

  5. Beautiful shots! As much as we LOVE the summer, we enjoy the beautiful Fall colors while they last!

  6. I’m always said when summer ends. But I am looking forward to winter in the desert, so that’s not all bad.

  7. Oh nope, not it, love the second one. And you have such beautiful colors already – even though it’s gone down to the 40’s here lately we’re waiting on our beautiful leaves. Yeah I am wondering where it went, but I guess I do every year. Nothing quite like realizing how good we had it made when we were kids and had the summer off.

  8. Nope. It’s definitely lingering around here. We’re starting to get a few nice days, but also still some hot ones in the mix. A lot of our trees are evergreens, so it never feels really fall-like.

  9. We are always so happy when summer goes away – good bye 110 degree days!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. We barely had a summer this year. It was relatively cool and very little humidity. I loved it! It looks like the trees in your area are getting really pretty. Our a just starting, so not worthy of a picture yet.

  11. We are still hanging on to 80s days and short pants. We are in no hurry for cool weather.

  12. Fall is here!

  13. So far it has been a lovely Autumn!

  14. We love the end of summer as summer is our least favorite time of year. I know, we are odd and are also looking forward to snow again this winter. Summer is too warm, humid and bug filled.

  15. We love fall, but we have the same question: How on earth did summer zoom by so fast?! We barely got a glimpse of it!

  16. She really does look as though she is searching for Summer! That Autumn view is gorgeous–you should frame her.

  17. Happy fall!

  18. I am in mourning for the summer, I hate dark nights.

  19. Gorgeous view there! But yeah…where did Summer go? We were just starting to enjoy it!

  20. It’s still quite warm here. I’m longing for Autumn!