When Puppies are Smarter than Humans

Honey comes to work with me.

It’s a great opportunity for socialization. She meets all kinds of people every day.

On the other hand, she’s awfully cute and tiny so no one minds too much when she nips or jumps all over them. But I mind. I’m keeping the future dog in mind every day and want her to be welcome everywhere we go–even when she’s 60 pounds or more.

So I keep asking people to have her sit, or ignore her if she jumps up, or yelp if she nips too hard. Do they do it? Some do. And I love them for it. But others just can’t resist the fuzzy little face (I guess I’m just stone hearted!).

But you know what? It’s ok. Because Honey is learning good behavior even if every person she meets doesn’t obey my orders. She more likely to keep all four on the floor and even sit when meeting new people. The nipping is definitely decreasing and getting softer.

Honey is smart enough to learn from some people without being spoiled too much by others and we all have our fun. What a great dog!

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