When Is A Boat Better Than An RV?

Living on a boat is like living in an RV. But an RV is more comfortable and less complicated than a sailboat.

Except one time when a boat is definitely better than an RV. Can you guess when?

Honey the golden retriever shows how a boat is better than an RV.

Honey celebrated her birthday by pretending to be a blanket for the First Mate on a trip across the Albemarle Sound.

When the captain sees a great picture moment and is able to turn on the autopilot, take a quick look around the wide open waters, duck downstairs to grab the camera, and take her shot without crashing.

You can’t do that with an RV now, can you?

Honey Turns Six

Sorry we didn’t celebrate a birthdaypalooza. We’re trying to get as far south as we can as quickly as possible which means long travel days.

Honey celebrated her birthday yesterday with a bully stick and a nice cuddle with her hu-dad while we crossed the Albemarle Sound of North Carolina.

And I promised her a big game of tug for everyone who sent birthday wishes on her Facebook page. If I never blog again, you can assume my arm fell off from too much vigorous tugging.


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  1. Happy Birthday Honey – but, getting south is more important 😉

  2. There is that one thing. Lol. Happy birthday to Honey. Run for the south!!

  3. Happy 6th birthday, lovely golden one, Enjoy the warmth.

  4. Happy Birthday to Honey! Hope you all find some warmth soon!

  5. We were just on your FB page, and yes, I think your arm might fall off!
    That is a very good point about a boat vs an RV. We hope you get to that warm place very soon!

  6. Happy birthday, Honey!

  7. Happy Birthday, Honey! You’re right, being able to put the boat on auto pilot is a great feature! You definitely can’t do that with an RV!

  8. Happy Sixth Birthday Honey!!!! You’re going to have A LOT of tug games when you get to Florida!! I wish I could put my car on autopilot!

  9. Lol. That is better than an RV. It reminds me of a story… my sis used to work in the ER. An old man came in who’d been in an accident in his RV. When they asked what happened (he was found in the back in the crash) he said, “Well, I wanted a cup of coffee so I put it on autopilot and went in the back.” They assumed he thought “cruise control” = “autopilot.”

    Happy belated birthday, Honey!!

  10. ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪ Honey girl. Hope it was grand!

  11. If you tried you’d never live long enough to enjoy the photo LOL