When Enough Is Enough!

She put up with craziness for a long time—not knowing where her toys were, having things moving all over the house, stressed-out people keeping kooky hours.

But finally, my dog Honey told us enough is enough. And something had to change. Now.

Honey the Golden Retriever loves her squeaky lion dog toy.

Now that I found you, I’d better hold on to you. Don’t want someone else to buy you out from under me.

The Dog In The Dark

Honey continually amazes me with her intelligence. But as smart as she is, she doesn’t understand me when I tell her why everything is changing.

I can’t explain that we’re selling everything, including the house, so we can buy a new home. One that floats. And sails.

And that once we do, we’ll be spending a lot more time together.

I think Honey will love it.

But getting there is rough. On everyone.

Saturday (the day of our moving sale) was the hardest on Honey so far.

Dog items from the moving sale.

Honey can’t figure out why I spent so many hours pricing my dog tchotchkes when I could have been playing with her.


I couldn’t explain why dozens of people were walking around our house. Or why she couldn’t run around the house greeting them.

The whole back yard was filled with items for sale. So my smart idea was to put Honey’s bed in the basement doorway looking out on the yard and block her way with a baby gate. That way she could keep an eye on Mike while he was helping customers. She could greet the dog-loving customers (she did manage to say hello to one of the tiny dogs a friend brought with him to the sale). And she could chew on the delicious marrow bone I got her just for the day.

But soon enough was enough.

Honey Uses Her Big Girl Bark

Honey didn’t like being confined to the basement. Even if she could look outside and watch the action.

She didn’t like hearing people walking over her head. And she didn’t like knowing Mike and I were nearby and not being able to be with us.

Normally, when we’re in separate rooms, Honey will doze on the floor in a place that let’s her track both our movements. That was impossible from her stairway location.

So after about an hour of patience, Honey let us know enough is enough. She stood on the interior stairs and barked. And barked. And barked.

Honey the Golden Retriever rests on her stuffed lamb.

Have you ever seen a sadder face? Oh, you can’t see me? I guess I’ll have to bark.

The crazy thing is that none of our shoppers mentioned it. Apparently, when people are on the track of a bargain, they don’t notice anything else.

It’s kinda scary to witness.

But anyway, once Honey told us she was done, one of the heroes of the day came to her rescue.

Honey’s New Favorite People

I didn’t dare to ask my parents if they would let Honey stay at their house.

For one thing, I don’t have a car. So they’d have to pick her up and deliver her back here. And they have a nice car that doesn’t go with dog hair.

And I don’t think of my parents as real dog people. My mom thinks Honey is sweet but she has never once touched her. And my dad likes to pet her. But only when she’s perfectly calm and relaxed.

But my dad offered to take Honey to his house for the rest of the day.

So we put the Kurgo hammock (I loooooooooove it) on my dad’s seat and sent Honey with him to stay with my mom.

My dad reports that Honey instantly relaxed in the car. And once at my parents’ house, Honey was so exhausted by her stressful morning that she lay right on the ground beside my mom and only stirred when my mom spoke to her.

Dad went to pick her up once the crowds had thinned out. So Honey got to spend a little time greeting the friendly dog people who came back at the end of the day looking for discounts.

Puppy light in sale items.

Is it weird that I’m glad my favorite puppy light didn’t sell? Now I’ll get to use it a few more days.

Enough Is Enough!

I am so thankful for everyone who helped make our moving sale a success.

My sister drove six hours and rented a big-a$$ truck to help us bring tables into the house for the sale. She priced, cleaned, and organized for several days. And helped customers during the sale. I would have lost my sanity without her.

My husband didn’t want to do a sale at all. He would have loaded up a truck and sent everything to Salvation Army. But he jumped right in and got involved anyway.

My dad who brought lunch and snacks for everyone, stepped in at the cash box when needed, and gave Honey a much-needed break.

My mom who gave Honey a calm respite when she said enough is enough.

Our helper, Lynn, who is a serious animal lover and who made the rush of people in the door first thing much more manageable.

The customers, who, for the most part, were polite and patient. And who kept complimenting us on how well-organized and attractive the sale was.

rugs and furniture at the moving sale.

Every piece of furniture, dish, and tool was priced. I know some retail stores that can’t even say that.

And, of course, Honey. Who put up with chaos all around her without complaining until finally, enough was enough. And even then, her reaction was perfection reasonable and mild compared to what some dogs (and worse, some people) would do under stress.

For me, enough is enough. But we still have some work to do–taking large items to auction, selling books and CDs to dealers, and yes, even planning a few trips to donate to the Salvation Army.

Luckily, Honey is more relaxed now. She’ll help keep me relaxed.

And if I’ve finally decided enough is enough and start barking like a mad woman, perhaps someone will stick me in the back of a car and take me somewhere I can take a nice, long nap. With Honey.

Honey the golden retriever sleeps on the couch.

Umm, you can nap. But there isn’t much room on the couch. I guess you’ll have to find a spot on the floor.

Your Turn: How has your dog told you they’ve finally had it, enough is enough? 


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  1. It looks like your sale was a success then. I was thinking about you this weekend. One more step on your journey.

  2. Look at you! Another hurdle behind you! #soproud. Yes Harley finally had enough during my mom’s funeral week. At the repass – she sat on the couch with me, and when someone came over to give me a hug, she let them know in no uncertain bark, she was tired of sharing me, and knew I was exhausted and wanted everyone to back the doodle up and give me some space. Love that dog!

  3. I can’t even imagine my dogs at a sale like this. They are convinced the garbage men are stealing our stuff every week,

  4. Jack uses the same technique…and his big boy bark is pretty big. You must be so relieved this part is over…getting closer and closer.

  5. Sounds like everyone needs a vacation!

  6. Mary Lou Stevens says:

    I’m Really, Really glad that your sale was a success! I guess having an on-line sale so your fans could buy stuff was too much to ask?
    And I know you have other things to worry about, but What About Us? Your loyal followers (ok, it hasn’t been that long, but I’m slow)
    Are you bringing us with you? To share all your adventures with us?
    Your blog and a cup of coffee, then a walk with my guy Odie (who is madly in Love with Honey by the way) is how I start my day…..so Please Please don’t tell me Odie and I may have to go into duh,duh,duh,duh “Honey Withdrawals”… I know you probably have a few other things on your mind….but I only discovered you and Honey recently, so please don’t leave us hanging! And , oh yeah, Safe Travels <3

    • Mary Lou, I’m not planning on going anywhere with y’all. But I’m just a little busy right now.

      And I was thinking about having a small giveaway or auction for my readers. I do have some cute puppy items. I’ll give your idea some thoughts. :)

  7. Reminds Mom of the two times she moved to Germany, selling almost everything at a sale. It was not fun and she didn’t like doing it. Glad your sale went well, and now you are one step closer to setting sail.

    • Yep, Emma. I don’t think there is anyone who understands what this is like more than your mom. I’ve moved many times. But this nothing like packing a bunch of stuff to move.

  8. I hope everything went well and you sold LOTS of stuff and Honey got some good quiet time with your mom.

    If you need a break, I have a spare room.;-)

  9. You’re one step closer to your dream! Honey will be so ready to relax with you that she won’t care whether you’re living on land or water. :)

  10. Way to go! One step closer! :-)

  11. I’m so glad to hear that everything went well! I wonder if people who frequent yard sales get used to hearing the family’s dog barking his/her dissatisfaction about the whole shebang? Either way, it sounds like her day turned out alright, and she’s going to be a happy sailor in no time at all!

    • Maggie, your profile was so nice, how do you keep up with 3 sweet dogs like you do? Oh, wait, I remember, I was a lot younger when I had 3, we …my husband and I just chucked them into the motorhome and they all found their favorite spaces….can’t believe I actually use to do that……..it was so much fun and they were so good, as all of us know.

  12. Enjoyed reading about the moving sale at your home and how Honey was handling it….I never read nor did I think to inquire how old Honey is? Will there be gobs of room for Honey in your new “home”…..am so glad that everything is going good, you have to keep postin” so we know the progress. I never had to move with my sweet old Travis, but I’m sure he would have done as well or near as well as your Honey. I have a neat story to tell on my next visit here one evening……later dog people!!!

  13. Sounds like you all handled it very well. If I were in the same position I’m sure my dog, Garin, would be much more composed than I. I don’t do well with change.

  14. Deep calming breaths and you will get there. Honey sounds like she was a star, bless her!

  15. Wow, that is incredible you did that! With everything else you’ve got to attend to, a sale is a huge stress. But it looks like you did a great job and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Very exciting to be closer to your adventure.

    Well Fozzie has a pretty low threshold for stress but I do subject him to gatherings and excursions in urban places sometimes, and it’s pretty easy to tell when he’s had enough. He’s less resilient, less tolerant, looks ready to lunge or jump at the next trigger. At that moment, it’s time to go!

  16. Congratulations! I know how trying a garage sale can be with barking dogs!! It a headache. :)
    Especially when the Front dogs are trying to scare everyone away!! lol

    You’ll have to come through the Great Lakes on one of your sailing adventure and we could meet you in Mackinaw City. Wouldn’t that be cool???

  17. Mauja has the same approach when enough is enough. She barks and barks away. Thankfully, my husband or I can usually get away with the pups and sit at Starbucks or go to the park. How amazing that so many people we were willing to help. You keep getting closer and closer to your dream!

  18. I am blown-away-impressed by your organized, clean and priced yard sale. I know how much work that is, even more so when it’s All your Stuff (the puppy lamp is priceless, I’m sure you could auction that off to your readers with great success.)

  19. Aw, Honey is such a good girl!!