What’s The Prettiest Season?

I’m not sure when Honey looks prettiest.

Is it the winter?

Honey the golden retriever in winter.

Hope you’re almost finished. My floofies are getting cold.

Is it the spring?

Honey the golden retriever in spring.

Hurry up and take the picture, woman, before it snows. This is spring in Ithaca, you know.

Is it the summer?

Honey the golden retriever in the summer.

Why do you make me wear clothing during the hottest season? But make me go naked in the winter? Sounds backwards to me.

Or is it the fall?

Honey the golden retriever in fall.

I hope you appreciate how still I’m sitting while the squirrels are racing overhead. You owe me.

Yep, definitely the fall.

Your Turn: When do you think your dog looks prettiest?

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  1. I would agree, the fall is very pretty with her coloring.

  2. I think my two look lovely no matter the season!

  3. Any season!

  4. It doesn’t depend on the season, it depends on the light. But of course they are beautiful to me year round!

  5. That is a loaded question. Mom has traveled the world and people always ask her where her favorite place is, or where it is most beautiful, but there is no one answer and the same is for how we look in the seasons. Each one has it’s own special charm.

  6. I think she looks pretty in all seasons:-)

  7. She’s beautiful year round! I think Mauja and Atka look stunning in the winter with the snow :)

  8. Equally gorgeous in all seasons…but the pretty fall leaves definitely bring out the color in her fur 😉

  9. Gold is timeless! Looks good all year round, we know!!!

  10. For Harley I would have to say – every season, but snow is my favorite!

  11. I think Honey is lovely in all the seasons 😉 I’m unlikely to pick winter as a favorite for anything! I have favorite pictures of Elka from a couple different seasons, but I think the summer ones tend to outweigh the others. She can be striking against the leaves, though!

  12. I love all the captions — especially the last one!! :-) All my girls look prettiest in the fall, too, especially after a day at the doggie salon!!