What’s That Hidden in the Snow? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever finds something at Ithaca Falls.

What you got there, Honey? Buried treasure? A dead body? Stinky fish?


Honey the Golden Retriever joyfully finds a stick.

Oh, I see. That’s better than all those things I mentioned.


Honey the Golden Retriever guards her stick at Ithaca Falls.

I don’t blame you. I’d hang on to that pretty tightly if I were you.

What’s your dog’s favorite find on a walk?

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  1. I like finding sticks too…and food! I have to sniff out any rubbish bags or food wrappers just in case there’s a crumb left!

  2. A deep pile of fluffy snow should always contain the scent of rabbit – rabbit poop if possible…

  3. Great shots. Looks like cool fun.

  4. That’s a very nice stick. I’d keep it.

  5. You say you are not a very good photographer and then you share lovely shots like these. Beautiful!

  6. Cute photos and of course a super cute pup having fun! Happy Wednesday!

  7. Beautiful photos and beautiful doggy!

    Dakota’s favorite find on a walk? POOP

  8. Wow – what a beautiful place to take a walk, Honey! And that’s a mighty impressive stick. Can she really carry that? It must weigh as much as she does!

  9. That has got to be the best stick ever!

  10. Nothing better than a good stick to gnaw on!

  11. It’s always mystifying what dogs think of as great treasures…some are even better than the expensive toys we buy them.

  12. That is one big stick! How fun!

  13. Such gorgeous pics!! Happy New Year xox

  14. Lovely photos…That stick kind of looks like a tusk…That would have really been interesting :)

  15. If Honey is at all like my dogs, there is a little bit of all of that on that stick. :0

  16. Definitely better. Nothing like a big stick. If only my Lulu would agree… *sigh*

    Happy New Year!

    Christie from lifewithbeagle.com

  17. What a fun stick!!! Hang on tight!

  18. That stick looks just the right size to carry home and gnaw all over those refinished floors Honey!!

    Our dogs never seem to find anything except for the occasional deer candy. lol

    Have a Happy New Year Pamela!

  19. LOL! A girl after Jasper’s own heart!
    I absolutely love the first picture. Is that a frozen waterfall in the background? Wow!

  20. Sue Oakes says:

    Sticks, and squirrels to bark at! Actually, I think they just enjoy zooming in on the squirrels’ activities cuz they rarely actually bark at them.

  21. dogs and sticks, just a natural companion! Waterfall in the background is heartstopping by the way!