What’s Caught Her Eye? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever is smiling in the park.

Honey is smiling from her tongue to the tip of her tail. What do you think has got her eye?

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  1. From her look, I would say YOU, but I’m assuming you’re taking the picture, so it’s Mike or another friend. Great big huge smile!

  2. I was thinking maybe a dog friend headed her way…or someone with one of her toys?

  3. What a beauty! She must have spotted the opportunity for adventure!

  4. Well, whatever it is it looks very exciting :)

  5. I’m going to guess a squirrel or tennis ball.

  6. Her Dad coming to play with her? She certainly is one happy girl….nothing like a smiley golden!

  7. Is it a squirell??

  8. I say it’s cookies!

  9. What a fantastic photo?!

  10. Ball? Dad about to throw a ball? (assuming you’re the one behind the camera)…she sure looks happy about whatever she sees, that’s for sure!