What Will You Miss The Most?

We’ve started the countdown to moving aboard a sailboat.

We don’t know how long the countdown is because we have to sell our house first to get the money to buy the boat we can’t look for until we have the money.

But it’s coming. And it’s got me thinking:

What will we miss the most? And what do we most look forward to?

Honey the golden retriever looks pitiful.

I’m practicing my pitiful look. Do you think this will work for persuading the humans to row me to shore in the dinghy so I can run zoomies on the beach?

What will Pamela miss the most?

Maybe I’m shallow. Heck, I know I’m shallow. But three things come up again and again that I know I’ll miss the most:

  • long, hot showers – one of the greatest luxuries of the western world
  • flush toilets – thanks to a traumatic experience with a hinky marine head, a broken toe, and a long walk to the marina bathrooms (no, you really don’t want to know)
  • always-on internet for keeping up with my scattered friends
Sailing aboard Iris out of Henderson Harbor

There’s no place better to be than the cockpit of a boat with your honey. And your Honey. And yes, it’s an old picture. What? Did you think I was born with white hair?

What does Pamela look forward to the most?

  • sunshine
  • swimming with fish
  • being outdoors almost all the time

What will Mike miss the most?

You’ll notice that Mike is far less shallow than Pamela is. He’ll miss:

  • restaurants and grazing from a fully stocked fridge – well, I said he was less shallow; not that he was a spiritual giant
  • church
  • a sense of stability – is this a pun about how much a boat moves, even at rest?
Mike at the wheel of the sailboat on Lake Ontario.

I’m not sure if battling stinging insects is one of the new experiences Mike wants to test himself with. Perhaps he’s using the fly swatter to catch him a snack?

What does Mike look forward to the most?

  • testing himself in new situations
  • visiting new places
  • spending most of his time with Pamela and Honey – awwwww!

What will Honey miss the most?

I’m guessing here. I asked Honey what she’ll miss the most but she didn’t answer.

  • snow – she’ll have to learn how to make sand angels instead
  • her buddies – meaning not just her favorite people she knows well but also the gas meter reader, the plumber, the mail carrier…
  • getting a long walk when she wants one
Honey the golden retriever poses under the Christmas tree.

I guess you won’t be posing me under a Christmas tree on the boat. Thank goodness, those needles hurt.
Um, you don’t think they’ll try to pose me under a coconut palm, do you? That could be dangerous.

What does Honey look forward to the most?

  • digging on the beach
  • having the family together all the time
  • meeting dolphins – I have a feeling she will enjoy these creatures as much as she enjoys meeting cats around our neighborhood now
Stuffie dog toy goes in the boat box.

After winning a new toy from our friends at Go Pet Friendly, we decided to put it into the boat box so Honey would have a fun surprise.

Getting Ready For The Future; Living In The Present

I’m feeling torn.

We have a ton of work ahead of us: making house repairs, selling the house, finding a boat, getting the boat ready to go, learning all the things we didn’t know we needed to know, figuring out where to go, buying charts…. Stop it, Pamela. This is getting exhausting.

And the truth is, we have to live every day.

Honey needs grooming. It’s almost walk time. Mike and I need to get to work—someone has to earn the kibble.

So while dreaming about the future is fun, it’s time to be here now.

Especially since reminding ourselves that you can’t buy Goetze’s Caramel Creams in the Caribbean won’t do anybody any good.

Your Turn: What are you most looking forward to in 2015? And what effect will it have on your animals?







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  1. We look forward to more of the same, earning some titles and that is about it. We are all pretty content right now and would like it to just stay this way. We could never do the boat thing like you. First, Mom has no desire too, and second, we need our multiple walks and runs…we would all have cabin fever within about two days. Mom even feels caged on a cruise ship after a week, so the boat wouldn’t work…and can you imagine three dogs and two cats with you on your boat??? We are excited for you, though!

    • Didn’t your mom spend time working on an airplane? She’s already worked in small quarters while being constantly aware of safety. I’d imagine she’s happy to have room to spread out.

      Knowing where you want to be is a good thing. I’m sure you’ll all have a wonderful 2015.

      • She was a flight attendant for 11 years, but you get off after several hours and have time to go for a run or walk or do other things. The 15 hr flights were long but then she had 24 or more hours off.

  2. We look forward to our day jobs getting a bit more manageable so we can spend more time with the dogs! Don’t know if it will happen, but we can dream.

  3. Long hot showers, yes I miss those the most. Believe me, you will go through an adjustment period. At first, I got frustrated when I had to take everything out of a a cupboard to find anything. Now, it’s just the way it is. I do sometimes miss more space, but only if we can’t be outside because the weather is bad. Torrey misses the snow, I suppose, but she likes the ever changing scenery. And remember, everything happens when it’s supposed to.

    • Most of all, I bet Roxy and Torrey love having you with them most of the time.

      I know I’ll miss some things. But there’s nothing like sitting in an open cockpit under gazillions of stars.

      I can’t wait until we’re off so we can compare notes on our travels. :)

  4. I mis read “always-on internet for keeping up with my scattered friends” as “always-on internet for keeping up with my scatty friends” I thought slightly harsh but the shoe fits!!

    • Ha ha ha. I had to look that up. Scatty isn’t part of my vocabulary.

      And when I read your comment the first time, I misread it as keeping up with my “slutty” friends. I think it’s time for new glasses. :)

  5. I guess I’m even more shallow than you are, but I look forward to our dull and boring lives with the comfort and predictability. I must like where I am and where I am going or I would make changes.

    We do look forward to reading about other people’s adventures though. Will you have enough internet to post on a regular basis?

    • Giving up on a perfectly lovely life in a place you enjoy would be crazy. Some people don’t have to work so hard to find their joy. :)

      We’re going to mount a wi-fi antenna on the boat which should allow us to pick up a signal in many places.

      When we were in the Guna Yala islands of Panama, the people slept in hammocks and cooked over open fires. But everyone had internet access on their phones (as we did on the boat) every day.

      I’m going to try to write posts in advance (instead of my write-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style I use now) so I can schedule posts on a regular basis, whether I have internet or not. We’ll see if I can stick to my plans.

  6. Assuming our relatively good health keeps on through 2015, I don’t see many changes. We can’t retire yet, so the ol’ 9 to 5 still has its vice grip (and that’s a very good thing, and I am thankful!)

    • Probably about the time you’re retiring, we’ll be headed back to land and looking for work.

      Don’t rub it in too much. :)

  7. Well, the year is off to a good start with playing some music, and there’s more of that to come. I have to firmly resolve to do more music in order for it to happen, since as a bit of an introvert it can be hard for me to get out and be with people…but I’m always glad when I do!

    Warm water and sun, being with your sweeties, and checking out new places sounds like a good batch of things to look forward to!

  8. Oh, I really think you are brave for doing this – but then I am not a boat person. So… will you be on the boat for days at a time at some points? I don’t think either Rita or I could handle that. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures – even if they are definitely not the adventures I’d choose. :)

    As for us… mostly just more of the same this year. I’m looking forward to finally knowing what will be happening with Book #3 and hope to get Book #4 written. Looking forward to spending lots of time with Rita, and hopefully planning some fun vacations w/ the hubs. He’s determined to take time off from work once/quarter this year, so I’m planning to hold him to that!

  9. I give you a lot of credit for being so brave and making such a big move. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live on a boat and sailing or motoring around day after day.
    Is Honey trained for a wee-wee pad?

  10. For us – it’s pretty much the same – looking forward to moving south. It’s time to relocate to Charleston SC. I’m excited because it’s my “happy place” and I praying all goes well. While we have no date yet – I see my summer having a new zip code. #cantwait

  11. I’m looking forward to learning how to be strong and focused. And spending lots of time with my dogs.