What Should We Call Something Wagging Readers? Take Our Poll

Last week’s Follow Up Friday taught me that referring to Something Wagging This Way Comes readers is awkward.

We need a name for Team Something Wagging. Luckily, you had a few ideas. But which to choose?

Honey the golden retriever is the star of Something Wagging This Way Comes.

I don’t care what you call me. As long as you don’t call me late for play time.

Yes, SW readers have a wild sense of humor, witness your comments in Where is Your Dog When You Have Sex. And the ability to look deep at hard issues without flinching, like in Why Do We Call Some Animals Pets and Some Animals Dinner.

You’re the smartest bunch of readers on the internet.

So what expresses all that?

Oh, and I worry about people confusing Something Wagging This Way Comes with other wag blogs:

Put on your thinking caps and vote for your favorites. All suggested by you. And save me from having to type Something Wagging This Way Comes readers ever again.


Your Turn: What makes a blog stand out for you? The name? The animals in the stories? The design? The comments? The writing? Photos? Or something else?

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  1. For me, it’s good quality writing especially if it speaks to the humor in life and the photographs.

  2. I think it’s the animals and photographs of them, as well as the writing. I might visit a blog because of it’s name, but I won’t go back if the content isn’t good.
    Thanks for the mention, but I don’t think there’s much chance your blog would get confused with mine, even though we both have golden retrievers. I’m not brave enough to write about sex and stuff. :)

  3. The name should be good, and then it has to have content writing/photos that interest us.

  4. Full disclosure: I didn’t even vote for my own suggestion. I think everyone else out-punned me this time. :)

  5. I get hooked on good writing. If I encounter a new blog and the writing compels me to read more than a post or two, I add it to my reader!

  6. Good writing first of all; one reason I find it hard to be consistent in my blogging…writing well on a regular basis takes skill, perseverance, and commitment. A good title helps because it’s the first thing people see, but the writing is the real hook. You blend photos and writing very well.

  7. For me it’s the writing, you have great writing and wit, that’s important too. :-) But what I really like is blogs that make me think, think about who I am and who I want to be.

  8. A great name will attract me to a blog for the first time, but if the writing isn’t good or engaging, then I likely won’t come back. I also like blogs with great photos. A big long block of text is not usually going to grab me – unless the writing really pulls me in!

    Full disclosure – I voted for my own suggestion! And one whole other person did too! Woot.

  9. A good name is definitely the starting point, but needs to be backed up with good writing. But its good to have the text broken up with pics, if its too dense it can be off putting. I like S’waggers:-)

  10. Another vote for S’Waggers. Cute. :-)

  11. I say no to the Wag hags. Hag is not a word that I think of when I think of your blog (whew, right? ha ha). I voted for what I thought was the best one.

  12. I voted for waggers but I see two others that got more votes. I have to agree that the top three so far are pretty good. I agree with Jessica that Wag Hags is not the right fit.

  13. Having a Greyhound is a good reason for me to follow a blog :) But really I just need posts to be written with love and if it makes me laugh that’s a bonus. Good photography helps. These days I have a few staunch favourite blogs and wander around the blog hops a bit. So many blogs are trying to sell stuff these days though, which is of no use to me not living in the US.