What Real Dog Sports Look Like

What if dog sports weren’t Rally, Agility, and Flyball? What if the real dog sports were rugby, soccer, and NASCAR?

Honey the golden retriever does her own dog sport gymnastics.

I hope the level of difficulty along with my artistic merit gives me a high score.


Real Dog Sports

If human competitions became dog sports, things would look different.

Dog sport rugby – In the scrum, the dogs wouldn’t try to kick the ball. Instead, the team whose dog sniffed the ball first would get it.

Dog sport baseball – The first team playing defense would always win. Every time the pitcher threw the ball, the dog would return it to him.

Dog sport basketball – The tip-off would become a tug of war.

Dog sport soccer – No dog would ever get a penalty for touching the ball with her hands.

Dog sport beach volleyball – The media would be scandalized by the player’s skimpy outfits. Some dogs would play without even wearing a collar.

Dog sport ski racing – Who needs skis when you can slide down a mountain nose first, on your belly?

Honey shows off her dog sport gymnastics.

I just have to stick my dismount.

Dog sport gymnastics – The only events would be the floor exercises, walking the balance beam, and the vault.

Dog sport NASCAR – Dogs would race with their heads out the car windows, of course.

I like it. It would make sports much funnier. Much cuter. And definitely much fuzzier.

Your Turn: What human sport would you find more interesting if it became a dog sport? And what would change?

Honey the golden retriever shows off the dog sport of catching a flying disc.

What a catch!


Make Your Own Dog Sport Fun

If you haven’t entered our Dogobie flying disc giveaway yet, what are you waiting for? After all, it’s the dog sport that’s even safe for klutzes like me and Honey. Who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

It’s easy to enter. Just click the buttons on the Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions.

Good luck!
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  1. Torrey LOVES her Dogobie. I just cheer from the sidelines. In dog sports, can little dogs like me be the cheerleaders?

  2. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    Women’s Lingerie Football League! The Game winner would be the team of the one that could keep her wig on longest while running up and down the field.

  3. swimming would be my sport of choice! The farthest and the fastest!

  4. Elka is only just learning the principle of “run with the throw, catch the disc in the air”. We had a good “set” this afternoon, in fact! She’s definitely an amateur, though.

  5. Ping Pong = the dogs will use their noses to hit the ball.

  6. While at the dog park this afternoon after an NFL morning, I pictured all the play bows followed by chest bumps being like sacks and chases like trying to catch and tackle a receiver… marking the yardage would take on a whole new meaning!

  7. margaret petros says:

    Abby loves to play fetch the flying disc=whatever flying disc it is (usually a floppy). She has even caught it by jumping up in the air. But usually my throw is not the best.

  8. Volleyball – dogs head butt a light weight plastic ball and keep it in the air for as long as possible… probably in a cartoon 😛 … oh they can use their fore paws when they want to smash…

  9. There would probably be less bad behaviour!!