What, No Margaritas?

It’s nice when businesses set out water bowls for dogs, but…

Honey the golden retriever wants a Mutt-garita.

Gee, I was kinda hoping for a Mutt-garita.

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  1. Ha ha my kinda girl!

  2. I can see hoping for bigger things.

  3. LOL! Zoe and Phoenix feel the same way! 😉

  4. My kind of pup!!

  5. We’d rather have some tasty treats and mom won’t let us drink from community bowls anyway these days.

  6. We’ve got them in Charleston Honey – come on back!

  7. Love that! Great shot!

  8. Honey’s a girl after my own heart! =)

  9. Oooo, Mutt-garitas would be great, love that idea! It’s great when businesses put out water bowls, it’s so welcoming!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Haha, a “Mutt-garita”! I can only imagine what ingredients dogs might add to one of those.

  11. She’s so pretty!

  12. Brilliant-love it!

  13. I feel ya!