What Makes Your Dog Happy?

Gift giving holidays have me asking myself one thing. No, not where can I buy the most Chinese-made crap for the most people for the least amount of money. It’s “what makes someone happy?”

I spend a lot of time pondering that question before I decide what to buy or make someone for a gift.

Lately, I’ve been asking it about Honey.

What makes her bounce around the room? What gets her tail wagging loosely? What has her eyes lighting up with joy?

Honey the golden retriever rolls in the grass.

Rolling in a dead mouse? Yep, I’m happy.


What Makes My Dog Happy? What Makes My Dog Ecstatic?

Honey is happy when a stranger comes to the door.

Honey is ecstatic when our friend Diana comes to the door.

Honey is happy when we walk in the general direction of the park where we play ball.

Honey is ecstatic when the ball comes out of my coat pocket.

Honey is happy when I take her for a walk around the neighborhood.

Honey is ecstatic when my husband joins us.

Honey is happy when I let her leash dangle on a walk in the woods.

Honey is ecstatic when I unclip it from her collar and let her run zoomies.


Honey the golden retriever comes when she's called.

Off-leash time makes me very happy.


Honey is happy when I tug her favorite squeaky toy with her.

Honey is ecstatic when my husband does.

Honey is happy when I teach her a new trick using a clicker and treat bag.

Honey is ecstatic when she masters that trick.

Honey is happy when I slip her a piece of the apple I’m eating.

Honey is ecstatic when I cut off a morsel of liverwurst for her.

Honey is happy lying under my desk while I’m typing at the computer.

Honey is ecstatic when I get up from the computer and tell her it’s time to do something fun together.

I’d better go. It’s time to make my dog ecstatic.

Honey the golden retriever has a beauty smile.

You having the ball makes me smile. Throwing the ball makes me explode with joy.


Make Yourself Happy. Make Someone Else Happy.

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Your Turn: What makes your dog(s) happy? What makes your dog(s) ecstatic?

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  1. I love today’s post! It made ME happy, and I totally agree with the whole sentiment!

  2. It sounds like your Honey and our Alfie have a whole lot in common including their love for off leash time and playing! Alfie recently had an accident with a stick and we had to keep him on the leash for a while and although he was feeling better physically, we could tell he was getting really depressed about his walks and he missed his toys. So we took him to his favourite place and let him sniff around off leash for a while and it worked miracles for his morale – goes to show that a happiness really is a good healer too :-)

    PS. We’re joining the Pet Blogger’s gift exchange too…

  3. You’ve managed to cover everything that makes my dogs happy/ecstatic. What makes me happy/ecstatic is seeing how easily I can make them happy/ecstatic.

  4. If only my mother-in-law were so easy to impress… Maybe I should try liverwurst.

    It was a huge lightbulb for me when I realized that Silas isn’t just *happy* to work, he is, to use your phrase, *ecstatic.* My challenge is finding something for him to do in a place he feels safe enough to do it, but even just heeling around the living room fills him with joy.

  5. Happy? For Sydney it’s food, for Rodrigo it’s going for a walk.

    Ecstatic? For Sydney it’s an opportunity to play fetch, or her version of fetch. For Rodrigo, it’s when there’s a cyclist on the trail that borders our property.

  6. What a great smile at the end! The boys are always happy. Well, except when they realize they are going to get a bath. :)

  7. I think about everything makes Cookie happy. Some things make her happier than others, such as walks or play or dinners or treats or training sessions or helping in the kitchen … you get the picture.

  8. Luke is ecstatic when he gets to play ball.
    Daisy is ecstatic when sgets to chase squirrells or rabbits.
    Trooper is ecstatic when he gets to dig.

  9. My guys are quietly ecstatic when I get home from work, take them to the beach, bring them home a second hand stuffie from the Op Shop, get the clicker out. Having bigger dogs I try and keep things low key. Then there is chasing bunnies. That makes them off the Richter Scale ecstatic :)