What is BlogPaws Like for a Dog?

There’s a little bit of this:


Honey the Golden Retriever rests at BlogPaws.

I don’t mind napping through an SEO lecture. But why does it always smell like feet?


Far too much of this:


Honey the Golden Retriever rides a bus at BlogPaws.

Can’t say I’m too impressed with this bus. The windows don’t open.


And not nearly enough of this:


Honey the Golden Retriever fetches a ball.

Now THIS is worth the seven hour drive!

Your Turn: How would your dog do at a pet-friendly conference? Could he sleep at your feet during a workshop? Or would he be wondering why you’ve become so boring all of a sudden?

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  1. SlimDoggy would definitely be very antsy. He loves rides in the car, but he thinks SEO is boring and dislikes the stranglehold that google has on his creative use of keywords.

  2. Cute recap! There’s no way my golden could sit through an SEO workshop — especially with so many other dogs around! *sigh* Maybe when he’s a little older!

    • In total honesty, Honey spent very little time in workshops with us. It just wouldn’t be fair to her.

      Instead, we broke the rules and let her nap in the hotel room while we were learning stuff. She was much happier on the bed with a chewy than she would have been sleeping on a hard floor under a desk.

      Just wanted to make sure you weren’t judging your own pup too harshly. :)

  3. It was good to meet you Honey and your mom/dad too. Sugar enjoys sleeping on my my feet so won’t be complaining on smelling feet. I bet the doggy park set-up was the best. Golden LOVE, Sugar’s mom Rosalyn

    • We loved meeting you too. Too bad Sugar couldn’t come with you I know you carried her in your heart.

      Honey was happen to provide your Golden fix in the meantime.

  4. You are so well behaved, Honey! Someday mom will make it to blog paws!! Following from the blog hop!!

  5. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Callie gets a bit territorial when we’re sitting, or standing still, so she wouldn’t do well; and of course, whatever Callie does, Shadow has to join in. Then there’s Ducky…She would definitely get antsy — and start barking at me to get attention. So, I’m afraid the girls would all have to stay home with “Daddy” (and a pet sitter on Thursday & Friday). I’d probably come home to 3 super-spoiled dogs with tummy aches from all the crap he would give them. On second thought, I’ll board them with the pet sitter and bring him with me! :-)

    • Many of the dogs at BlogPaws found it tough. During one class we had an “incident” where a woman tried to get a drink of water near two sleeping dogs which put them on high alert. They did not seem ready for BlogPaws at all.

      My husband came with me too. And there were quite a few “supportive spouses” along for the ride. So maybe you have the right idea about the pet sitter and a romantic BlogPaws weekend with your sweetie. :)

  6. Great pictures. I’m so glad you went and had a great time! Brooks would have been fine, he took everything in stride. Kelly would have been anxious at all the other dogs around but if she could relax she would have been on top of a table. She likes to be on high ground.

    • Kelly is a smart girl. And Honey agrees with her. She felt much better sitting up on a chair than being on the ground with all those legs and feet all around her.

      I must say that walking around at foot level must be tough for a dog. It’s why Honey spent a good bit of time playing with her toys in our room. It was a much happier place for her to be.

  7. Oh for sure Sampson would lie there and look cute, hoping someone would take pity on him and pet him. Delilah not so much.

    • But you did see some dogs at BP that would probably give Delilah a run for the entertainment prize, right? :)

      Did you see the lion/golden/doodle that escaped his leash and was running around the hotel?

      • No I missed that one! I saw the ‘lion’ but missed his performance.

        Delilah would be all over the treat and food tables. Anything within a five foot height is fair game for her. LOL

  8. Finn loves travelling – hotels, long car rides, etc. My worry about something like BlogPaws would be that he would feel the need to pee on all the many dog smells – even inside!

    • I am sure that some dog must have marked his territory somewhere but I never saw it. It seems inevitable, right? :)

  9. Wish I could have been there – I would love to meet Honey (and see you too, of course)! Hoping you can make it to Vegas next year.

    • Missing seeing you too, Vicki.

      Not sure Vegas is in my future. I’m certain that flying across the country breathing stale air for 4 hours just to end up in Las Vegas is the third level of hell. But I won’t say it’s impossible. :)

  10. Beamer is pretty good about hanging tight while I do things. He does exactly what you’re doing and just lays there. You two are very good dogs indeed! Sorry to hear about the smelly feet.

  11. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:
    I don’t know what Honey is complaining about. I napped under the same table at the same lecture, and I didn’t smell a thing.

  12. What a pleasure it was meeting Honey! And seeing you, too! Schooner tells me to say WOOF to Honey! He enjoyed her company.

    • It was nice seeing you too, Laurie. And I’m both glad (and sorry) BlogPaws has inspired so many post ideas. :)

      Honey says Woof right back. And she’s sorry for disrupting Schooner’s training by being so sexy.

  13. My dogs love to travel, but only if there’s hiking at the other end. Blog Paws would not have been fun for them.

    • Well, the steps to our 17th floor hotel room would make a pretty good hike. :)

      Loved meeting you. And Honey thanks you very much for the yummy treats. She will definitely be begging for Jones Natural Treats on our next trip to the pet supply.

  14. Too many people for Silas. Bless his heart.

    I’m glad Honey had a good time.

  15. Awesome pics! My boy would be too scared. He’s not cool around a lot of people, too insecure and would just not handle it. I admire those of you who can take your babies to conferences. Very cool!

    • Titan would have been in good company. Not every dog who was at BlogPaws found it easy and stress-free. And it wasn’t always cake for Honey either. She got frequent rests in our hotel room.

      However, you might be interested to know that the best-behaved and calmest dogs were often the pibbles. :)

  16. Luna agrees! Luckily there was some form of dog park. I will be doing a post soon about my experience with Luna at BlogPaws. I was so happy to hear about yours!

  17. I’m not so sure they’d be sold on the idea. Ira would probably do much better than Remy. Rem would be overloaded with excitement with the urge to do zoomies.

  18. Misty is never satisfied until she has worked the room and has the assurance that everyone loves her. Maybe my dogs could channel their inner Golden Retriever…

  19. We think we’d wonder why peeps was so boring all of a sudden? Well behaved at a conference……hmm never. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  20. Glad you were able to find some green space to run around. That sure is helpful after sitting so much.

  21. You’re such a good girl, Honey. Maya would be crazy for about 15 minutes. Then she would calm down and lay at my feet.

  22. I don’t think I would like that side of it at all, I’d want to make friends with everyone:-)

  23. Sage would be greeting everyone and wondering why we aren’t playing ball. Honey, on the other hand, looks very content while wondering why she isn’t playing ball.

  24. Both dogs would be totally excited! Penny would bark, and Luna would spin in circles! Can you imaging me dealing with both of them at a conference?

  25. Max's Ma says:

    I think Max would be ok if he could sit on my lap the whole time but he’d for sure want to check out the new smells! I loved your photos!!

  26. But she got to go with her mommy…and that makes up for it all. :-)

  27. My Delia would love the parties, but I don’t think the sessions would hold her attention long. I love Honey’s recap. :)

  28. I learned my lesson last year with Chester and Gretel. They are both really active (for different reasons – over friendliness and fear) and take constant attention to manage. In sessions I ended up paying more attention to them than the stuff being presented. These conferences are already overwhelming for me. I decided I don’t need the extra stress. Maybe if I can get them trained better…..

  29. What an adorable dog!! I just love Goldens!! I definitely think she was happier in the room with her chewie!! Hopefully I will get to attend next year!! Love all your pictures!!
    xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  30. Well if there were no other dogs there, 5 out of 6 of my dogs would do OK. But for Brut to go there couldn’t be any dogs or people. BOL!

    Glad you were able to take Honey with you. How was that feeling? :)

  31. Gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing them with me! WOOF WOOF!

  32. I probably wouldn’t take either of mine to Blog Paws. Beryl would love meeting people and dogs and getting attention but once the novelty wore off I’d have to provide a single bed sized duvet for her to lie on! Frankie would think he’d died and gone to heaven and be a right PITA until he settled (which could take a few hours!) and then he’d be quite happy to lie quietly somewhere. Honey would have been a big hit I’m sure:) But she certainly does look happiest in the grassy area with her ball. And Honey could never look like vomit with fur BOL.

  33. That’s just how much we imagine it! :) Did you also get lots of loves?

  34. Cute pics. Honey’s such a love. Rita could never handle it. She hates big crowds and is afraid of so many things. We’re working on it, but there are just things she’ll probably never be able to do. I’d have to be happy with a Flat Rita at Blog Paws. (And I’m sure she’d be happier that way too!)

  35. I’d enjoy meeting lots of people and would be quite content to snooze through the lectures, as long as I was getting a lovely walk before the day started. My biped would probably feel she had to skip lunch to let me stretch my legs again and miss out on some socialising.