What Is A Dog’s Favorite Toy?

Is it chewy? Does it squeak? Is it a ball?

Every dog has different favorites.

But Honey’s favorite toy has some unusual features. Can you guess what it is?

Honey the Golden Retriever as a cute puppy with her toy.

This is my first toy and I’ll keep it forever and ever.

9 Traits Of The Best Toy Ever

My dog Honey is a playful girl. She loves all kinds of toys. But she has one particular favorite. Probably because her favorite toy…


It’s never in the same place for long. Sometimes Honey has to go searching for it.

Honey the golden retriever plays tug with a hound puppy.

I learned how to play in puppy class at the SPCA. No wonder I’m so good at it.

Is Tricky

You wouldn’t think a toy could be tricky but this one can hide. Honey never knows where it will turn up.

Makes Funny Noises

Mostly silly ones and a few disgusting ones. But many dogs find noise stimulating and Honey is no different.

Goes With All Kinds Of Games

Honey can play tug with her favorite toy. She can wrestle with it. And she even cuddles with it.

Golden Retriever

I’d like to follow the Duck L’Orange with Creme Brulee.

Has Places For Hidden Food

What could be better than a fun toy with treats?

Can Handle Rough Treatment

Don’t you hate it when an expensive toy falls apart in a few days? This one shows no signs of damage after years of play.

Acts Unpredictably

Sometimes it’s boisterous and loud. Other times it’s only a little more active than a dust bunny.

Is As Easy To Play With Outside As Inside

I don’t allow Honey to take all her toys out of the house. But this one is nearly indestructible. And washable.

Honey the Golden Retriever worships her ball.

Throw it. C’mon throw it. Hurry up.

Initiates Play

It isn’t always Honey who starts the games. Sometimes the toy comes to her.

Have you figured out what Honey’s favorite toy is yet?

You guessed it. It’s a human. One particular human—my husband, Mike.

Honey the Golden Retriever plays tug with her person on the beach.

Stop being so dramatic and just play or I’ll pull you into the water.

Honey comes to me when she needs something. Or when she wants comfort. But she goes to Mike when she wants to play.

Because he’s the best toy ever.

Honey’s Birthday Week Surprise #1

I’ll be celebrating Honey’s fifth birthday every day from now until January 26, the actual day of her birth, by giving her a special treat.

Today, I’m giving her a couple new toys to replace some old favorites that were lingering on life support but just didn’t make it through the night.

Honey the golden retriever uses her voice to communicate.

Rest in peace, Lamby. It was great knowing you.

Let’s make this a party.

Share a picture of your dog (or cat or bunny or guinea pig or bird…) with his or her favorite toy.

  • Put a link in the comments to the picture on your Pinterest or other shareable social media account.
  • Post a picture in the comments to this post on the Something Wagging Facebook page.
  • Or email me a picture at somethingwagging at gmail dot com. And tell me how you’d like me to credit you.

I’d love to meet the wonderful animals I read about in your comments.

Honey the golden retriever got new toys for her birthday.

Honey with her new birthday toys.

And if you want to see what other birthday surprises are coming up, click for the full list here.

Your Turn: Are your pets playful? What do they like to play with? And do you have any pictures to share?




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  1. Heading over to your FB page now to share a picture of Sherman and his absolute favorite toy!

    Happy early Birthday to Honey :)

  2. I have to go home and search the back-up drive for a picture of my dog’s favourite toy. He looks like a goofball when he plays with it!

  3. I knew it. These two have a favorite toy….me!

  4. Our younger boy, Zach, isn’t a ‘play with toys’ kinda guy. A good play session with me or my spouse once a day does it for him. Our older boy, Duster, loves stuffies that squeak, but he destroys them in minutes, no matter how toughly made they are. Squeaky balls last a bit longer, but not much. Give him a good nylabone any day, and he’s happy.

    Of course, they also love to play with each other. Lately, though, that hasn’t been possible as Duster is recovering from surgery to a knee. It’s been tough on them, but the end is in sight.

    They both send their birthday wishes to Honey.

  5. I don’t really do toys. I did as a real young pup, but that was it. Bailie loves toys, especially noisy ones which drive Katie and I crazy. I posted a pick of her current fav, the squeaky ball on your Facebook page.

  6. My dogs’ favorite toy and my cat’s favorite toy, without any doubt, is a roll of toilet paper. I think humans are a distant second place.

  7. Their favorite toy is the one that hasn’t been destroyed yet. Although they did really love a toy from Kyjen. I’ll have to go see if I can find a picture.

  8. Blueberry doesn’t really have a favorite toy. Unless you count me. And even then she doesn’t really play. Her idea of a good time is a hike; her idea of a great time is a hike where other hikers leave little morsels on the trail and she gulps them down before I even realize it. Sometimes she likes her Nylabone – but I usually have to pretend to chew on it first so it becomes more enticing to her. Then I have to sit there and act like I still want it while she chews on it. If I get up to do something else, she’ll abandon the Nylabone.

    I really like that penguin! I’m not sure what that red thing is though. Hope Honey enjoys her countdown to her birthday – sounds like fun so far!

  9. Harley’s favorite toy was an orange whale that he swung against the wall as he walked as
    if he was shaking the life out of it. Will share on your fb page.

  10. Haha, that’s adorable! And those toys you got her look fun. :) All of mine are playful. Pike is disc and ball crazy, and loves to tug. Livvy likes to chase pinecones and likes tug. Linc is already a tugging maniac and we’re working on his ball drive. Nola’s favorite toy is a basketball sized tennis ball, or a yoga ball!

  11. I love her new birthday toy! Happy Birthday week Honey!!