What If… – Wordless Wednesday

What if we had adopted a chihuahua?

Or moved to Boston?

Honey the golden retriever stands in deep snow.

I’ll hold my nose high in case the snow keeps falling.

Honey could have been in big trouble.

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  1. Wow, that’s some serious snow you’ve got there. Not Chihuahua weather at all, Brrrrr!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I can’t imagine how those poor little doggies get around in the winter…hang in there Honey, spring will be here soon.

  3. A chihuahua would need snowshoes to walk on the top of the snow!!

  4. Yeah, snow is pretty intense up here in Boston, it’s true! Enjoy the more reasonable amount of snow you have! *wags* – Gilligan from WagsAhoy.com

  5. My dachshund is completely unfazed by all the snow. Yes she sinks-but leaps and bounds through the deepest drifts.

  6. When we were in the snow, I had to dig a spot for Roxy to go potty.

  7. Snow is crazy here in the Boston area! But we are enjoying it while it lasts and the hot weather is back and everyone is complaining about that! BOL!

  8. LOL I thought we got snow here in T.O!

  9. Getting a little worried about all this snow the rest of the world keeps getting, whenever it starts to fall around here – Harley may be in trouble.

  10. It doesn’t take much to slow down the corgis!

  11. I think short dogs find a way, but you look positively lovely in the snow!

  12. Mom is always amazed at how we hop through the snow that is over our heads! We love it.

  13. Mr. N just bounces through the snow. I think he’s part bunny.

  14. That would pose a problem for walking most certainly.

  15. whoa! It’s hard to squat in all that! It will melt soon. LeeAnna in less snowy MD
    not afraid of color

  16. I always ask myself what the hell I’d do with a small dog in this climate lol. I couldn’t even imagine how they’d get along seeking how hard it is for Laika to trudge through the yard.

  17. In New England we dig trenches. All our neighbors with various size dogs have variations on the themes of how long and creative the runs are, but most of us have them. It takes longer to dig the dog’s race track as DH calls it than it does to do the driveway and walks since we can’t get the snowblower into the back yard with gate being stuck with all the snow drifts.

  18. That looks like it would really be fun,,,,,,for one day,,,really, just for one day !

  19. soncy marton says:

    When I lost my sweet “old Man” at age 14, I knew I could never be alone….went on
    line and about a month later, came across a small dog from a Puppy mill in Alabama.
    A PA group rescued it and 3 others….I think it was destiny, I always said I would,
    at my age now, get a “grab and go” kinda dog, and grab and go she is!! She had no
    bad habits since she was born into the puppy mill, she really had nothing to compare
    anything with and house breaking was a cinch. She’s a lot tougher than I thought
    she be, She is only 7 lbs and almost 6, so she spent 5 1/2 years in the hideous place.
    I’ve had her 9 mos and she is so sweet, so quiet and just plows thru snow when it
    comes………..I am so lucky!!!!! So glad I was the lucky one to get adopt her. She will
    lead the life of luxery from here on out with walks and regular meals galore!!! Not
    to mention LOVE