What Does Your Dog Do All Day? – Wordless Wednesday

When I get home from work I ask my dog Honey, “What did you do all day? Did you have adventures?”

She tells me yes. She did have adventures.

After seeing photographic evidence I’m beginning to doubt her.

Honey the golden retriever sleeps on the couch.

Adventures in napping.

But I’m not going to call her out for fibbing.

After all, we’re told to let sleeping dogs lie.

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  1. Jen thinks I sleep all day. And I do sleep some….. but I also counter-surf, sniff the bathroom garbage for possible treasures, and, of course, annoy June Buggie.

    • You have a lot of day jobs, Rumpy. Maybe I need to start hiding interesting things in the trash to keep Honey occupied. But I think I’d rather get her a cat. :)

  2. Yes, definitely best to let sleeping dogs lie…although I’m sure there are some other adventures going on that Honey’s not telling you about :-)

  3. hehehe cute photo, busted!

  4. haha!!! Sure! Adventures in dream land, thats all!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. Isn’t that the questions of all questions? 😉
    I exercise my pups by taking them on a backpack walk every morning to ensure they’re calm & balanced before leaving them alone~ I usually get up 3 hours before having to leave the house, reserving 2 hours for the pups’ morning routine, and 1 for myself.

    I’m usually gone between 3-5 hours (I’m a Pet Sitter & Dog Walker), and have been wondering what the pups are up to while I’m gone. I’ve thought about installing a camera in the living room out of sheer curiosity. I suspect, however, that they are mostly napping!


    Plus they watch out the front bedroom window. We can see them looking out as we pull into our court.

  7. You probably haven’t had an invasion of giraffes since Honey came on duty. Humans are so unappreciative and ungrateful.

  8. I know for a fact that Jack & Maggie sleep most of the day.

  9. Looking comfy!

  10. My dogs and cats have adventures in napping all day. When they’re not napping, they’re snoozing. And when they’re done snoozing, they rest until naptime. 😉

    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  11. Napping is good. It means she’s ready for adventures with you when you get back.

  12. If we get home late at night, for some reason I ask Haley “Did you have a party while we were gone?” I’m glad she doesn’t know what I’m saying, haha!

  13. Hee hee. I ask Leo that all the time.

  14. What a precious pup you have! I ask Mila how her day has been and if she did anything special. She usually tells me no. Until one day I got home and found the whole toilet paper roll shredded all over the bathroom floor! She couldn’t kiss her way out of that one! <3

  15. What do we do all day? Lately our tale goes like this: Jax chases Harley, Harley runs from Jax, Doodle Mom try to keep up!

  16. Ha that’s so cute. Kilo 100% spends the day in bed.

  17. My kiddos save up all their energy while i’m gone so that they can go psycho crazy when I get home. :-)

  18. We’re guessing she was dreaming about adventures! :)

  19. I think that’s exactly what my dogs do all day!

  20. I think she raced back to the couch and posed so you wouldn’t know what she was really up to. :)

  21. That’s absolutely how I would spend my day too! lol!

  22. I’m sure she’s dreaming of adventures!

  23. I am 95% sure Blueberry sleeps on the sofa, the carpet, the bed, and out in the yard. When she isn’t doing that she is probably surveying her kingdom (yard) to make sure no squirrels or cats enter it. I’ve observed her enough when I am home all day to be pretty confident of this assessment. :)