What Does Minus 11 Degrees Feel Like – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

What does minus 11 degrees feel like?

Maybe our visiting Boston terrier friend, Li’l Punkin Butt, can explain.

Honey the Golden Retriever sits with a Boston terrier friend.

I don’t why you’re surprised she’s so fast. She certainly took my place on the couch quick enough.

Knowing LPB had to pee, I called her downstairs. As she streaked through the kitchen, I opened the door just far enough for her to squeeze through. She stepped outside, peed on the rug, turned around, and ran back into the house.

Can you blame her?

I’d post a picture but my camera isn’t fast enough to capture black lightning.

Your Turn: Do your pets have any interesting ways of dealing with weather extremes, either hot or cold? Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.

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  1. Keep warm!

  2. Ha ha ha! Flattery is on strike now that it’s cold again. We’re trying to convince her otherwise…

  3. Mine keeps trying to play outside (shaggy spaniel). Lasts about two minutes each time through sheer force of will. Back in, after a few minutes of watching little birds on the feeder in the sun, he figures he can do it if they can, and wants to go out again. But, no.

  4. Haha, I don’t blame her at all! Duke has refused to go outside a few times. He just stands as dead weight in the doorway and refuses to move. This morning we were at a wind chill of -10 with a few inches of snow and he was limping because it was too cold on his paws. He knows if he does this his chances of getting picked up and carried home are good, which is what happened today! He goes the avoidance route most times.

  5. I get cold just reading about it. Luckily, we don’t have extremes, but rain does freak them out a little (we get it so infrequently). Jack will sometimes refuse to go out, but if I go, he’ll go.

  6. When it’s raining really heavily Mity will look out and then look back at me as if to say “are you sure you want me to go out?”

  7. While I’ve never felt negative temperatures, we were a 5 degrees this morning. That doesn’t seem to bother anything but my boys’ feet. Those get too cold to stay out, so it’s a short walk for sure.

  8. Oh my gosh, that’s too funny! XD We don’t get too much cold weather down here but we do get a lot of rain. Nailah HATES getting wet so she’ll just give me this look like “really? you expect me to go out in that?” and then just kind of stands in the door way until I get the umbrella or her rain coat. 🙂

  9. Dakota is in and out as quick as a rabbit, with the deep snow he has to HOP like a rabbit too

  10. Ha ha. No, I don’t blame her at all. Maybe she needs coat or something.

  11. Cold is not an issue. But the heat? Mostly dealt with by panting and pouting until we set up a fan or a/c for them to lay in front of. Our routine completely changes to late-night sunset walks, more trips to the river for swimming, and constant water-dish replenishing if it’s warmer than room temp.

  12. LPB sounds like Silas in the rain.

    We’ve had a colder-than-average winter (still warm by your standards, but there was FROST one day), and poor Silas has been doing a lot of sitting on the sofa shivering under a blanket. Turns out, when you live in a place that doesn’t get cold, your furnace isn’t good enough to handle it.

    Heat is another story. Silas will go out with it 98+ degrees and make a little bed in the dirt. I’ve caught him sleeping out there. I guess it’s like a human in a hot tub. He doesn’t like to walk very far, but he’ll doze in the sun.

  13. Awww. Lil’ Pumpkin Butt is super cute! My N.A.S.H.A. LOVES the wind. She runs and runs and runs!

  14. It’s very cold here too. Great picture.

  15. Living in Minnesota and walking several times a day every day, we are pretty adapted to the cold. When we have more than about -10, our walks are limited to 10-20 mins, but we find that it makes us all wild. We go out and play in the yard too for 5-10 min at a time, usually a heavy game of chase. Even Bailie is getting more fur and adjusting really well to the cold and snow.

  16. If it’s too hot, after walking a couple of blocks, Mr. N will just plop down into the grass. So then I have to pick him up and carry him home. He probably could walk but I don’t want him to overstrain himself. We haven’t experienced extreme cold with him yet.

  17. Our stud muffin Timmy decides that he will hold it until spring whenever it goes below 50.

  18. Way too cold, I’d say! We live in Australia and yesterday was 36 degrees Celsius.

  19. Dogs don’t need to wear anything but their own fur! I don’t understand people who put clothes on their pets! It’s not cool!

    • I am NOT a fan of dressing dogs, personally. I love the natural look myself.

      But fostering several short haired dogs in our cold, northern climate has convinced me that some dogs do need clothing to cope.

      Right now, it’s 1 degree F here. I just came back from walking the dogs. My golden retriever and the chocolate lab are fine in the cold. They have fur between their pads. But the Boston terrier, although enthusiastic, became too cold to continue after a short walk. She has no fur between her paws and her pads freeze.

      I ended up carrying her back in my arms. And yes, we need to find a coat for her.

  20. “Outside, we want to go outside! Yes, she’s opening the hall door – oohh, fun…WT? Run away, run away!” while they ALL do a 180 degree should there be precipitation….

  21. We bought these little plastic booties (think dog feet shaped latex balloons) at Pet Supplies Plus because McTavish would start limping and crying (he’s had to be rescued more than once) when he was trying to do his business.


    We use x-small for McTavish (he’s 10 pounds), and small for Teddi (he’s 21 pounds). My review is that they are wonderful once they are on, but in our situation anyway, it takes two of us to get them on. If your dog is wonderfully behaved and docile that may not be the case for you :).

  22. LOL! I knew it was too cold when Maya and Pierson didn’t want to play in the snow.