What Do You Mean My Dog is Weird?

Honey the Golden Retriever is Adventure Dog

Other dogs might be cute. But are they as fast as Adventure Dog?

You Do Things Weird

Do you remember how shocking it was the first time you stayed over at a friend’s house? Your friend’s family did everything differently from your family. They

  • left the tv on all day long even if no one was watching it
  • drank soda with dinner instead of water
  • ate their meals without saying “grace”

Up was down. Black was white.

Not everyone did things just like you. Shocking!

Even today, I get into a rut where I forget how unique we all are. That’s why I feel lucky to have a little dog to remind me.

Honey Never Does That

Yes, I’ve had other dogs. And we’ve welcomed foster puppies and dogs into our home.

But there’s nothing like having a new dog visit to highlight how unique each of us truly is.

We have a neighbor’s dog staying with us while they’re away. And it’s been very fun.

We don’t have to work on house training or help grow his confidence like we have with foster dogs. So we’re free just to enjoy him. And have fun comparing him with Honey.

Chihuahua mix house guest

Look who thinks he’s the boss.

Everything That Could Be Different Is Different

Honey and our guest dog, C, are opposite in so many ways. Let me share just a few:

Honey is big; C is small – How small? If C were sleeping in bed with us, I’d have to be careful not to send him flying when I pulled the covers over me.

Honey is grounded; C likes heights – Honey has never even put her paws up on the counter. C’s favorite spot is perched on the back of the sofa and looking out the window.

Honey waits for an invitation; C helps himself – Every one of our previous dogs pushed her way into our bathroom with her nose. Honey does not; even if there’s a six inch gap to squeeze herself into. C is like every other dog I’ve lived with. He’ll butt his head into the door and come strolling in like he owns the place.

Honey is a girl; C is a boy – Sure, Honey likes to sniff on a walk. But covering up every other urine mark in the neighborhood is a religion with C.

Honey is sociable; C can be persnickety – Honey tries to play with everyone. C has let her know he has no intention of being a chew toy for a Golden Retriever. Besides, he only associates with humans.

Honey is light; C is dark – Everything about Honey is golden, including her eyelashes. C is black with white trim and a tail that looks like it was dipped into white paint.

Honey is sweet and lovable; C is sweet and lovable – Well, I guess they’re not total opposites.

How Many Ways Can a Good Dog Be Good

C has been such an easy house guest. He’s adapted well to being in a new setting without his family. And he’s fun to have around.

Having C with us shows what a tremendous variety of good dogs there are in this life. And his presence is a great reminder to appreciate my own good girl who is like no one else in the world.

Has a house guest ever reminded you of how unique your animals are? 

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  1. My sister’s dog, Baxter, stays with us every now and then. He’s a real good dog, but there are definite differences. He will go outside and bark just to bark, while my guys only bark when there is something to bark about. My guys do a good imitation of a vacuum cleaner at meal time, while he is used to picking at his food all day.

    Actually thinking about it, it’s probably a little weird that my dogs are so much like each other when compared to a dog from outside the family. I wonder if anyone who lives with multiple dogs else notices that with their crew?

  2. Great post! Aren’t our furbabies special!? haha. It gives life contrast.

  3. The only other dog I’ve ever had stay with me belonged to my daughter–he hardly knew he wasn’t home! And neither did we! Happy Weekend!

  4. I’m always amazed at how different Poodles are from each other. Even when they are litter mates, they soon have their own personalities and foibles.

  5. Yes indeed, they do all have their unique personalities. I am struck by this all the time! It is one of the things I most enjoy about fostering, getting a feel for all those flavors of dog and enjoying their idiosyncrasies.

  6. We had house guests once but it was awful and we only tried to hlep a peeps in need with her dogs. When she was better we were glad the unruley mutts went home. Other than that we don’t have house guests. But for those of you that do and enjoy, nice one. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We had a friend stay with us for a few days this summer, and he had his dog with him. It was a lot of fun and it did make me really aware of how different all the dogs were. I could easily have stolen Griffin and kept him, too!

  8. We’ve never had a doggie house guest and now I kind of wish we had. Now that Shiva is much more, er, “relaxed” I feel confident it would be a lot of fun. Our current little foster kitten is the first time we’ve had a new animal in our home. As cute as he is, he does make me appreciate our older cat in new ways!

  9. Every dog, human or animal is different! That’s what makes us unique and fun

  10. Ha!! My two are such total opposites that I’m reminded everyday. Then came foster dogs and how different their personalities are is amazing.