What Do You Expect From a Dog Blog?

Honey the Golden Retriever puppy naps under the desk.

If you keep up with this blogging thing, I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time under your desk. Good thing I have my worm to keep my company.

I’ve been writing Something Wagging This Way Comes since March 2010. I began with a 35 word post about Honey.

  • I’ve written 833 posts (834 when I finish this one).
  • Gotten almost 14,000 comments (nearly every one smart, funny, or at least kind).
  • I have a 23 page list of things I want to write about (and add to it every day).

But I have no idea how to tell people what they’ll find if they come to Something Wagging This Way Comes for the first time.

My tag line, An Amateur’s Musings on Dogs and Their People, is vague. I’m particularly interested in the human canine bond but that sounds turgid and dull.

It doesn’t matter much if I can’t tell people about my blog. Until I try to create a logo and new design.

Design is a way of sharing basic information. When someone comes to the Something Wagging site, the design should communicate what kind of blog it is.

But I don’t know what kind of blog it is. Do you?

Honey the Golden Retriever is all grown up.

Don’t ask me what the blog’s about. I don’t read the thing.

My kind husband has taken a first pass at creating some logos to go in the header of a new blog design. Would you be willing to share your opinions?

We did this for my first home buyer blog and I think the logo turned out great after we got a lot of online feedback.

I’m posting three early designs below:

  • Which logo do you like the most?
  • Which logo do you think best matches what you expect to find at Something Wagging?
  • And what in the world is Something Wagging about?

I’ve always known my readers are smarter than I am. I can tell from the comments. Hopefully you’ll send us off in the right direction.


Walk This Way is a sample logo for Something Wagging This Way Comes featuring Honey as a puppy.

Walk This Way – Something Wagging Logo Sample #1


This is a sample logo for Something Wagging that features an adult Golden Retriever straddling the blog name.

Straddle – Something Wagging Logo Sample #2


This logo sample for Something Wagging features a cartoon version of a Glolden Retriever puppy barking at the blog name.

Writing on the Wall – Something Wagging Logo Sample #3

Your Turn: Do you have any idea what Something Wagging This Way Comes is about? Do you have any thoughts on our three logo attempts? And, if you blog, do you know what your blog is about?

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  1. You want us to be honest right? It was very kind of you husband to take a shot at a logo. Unfortunately, none of them speak to me or evoke the same feeling ad your blog. Your blog is about the human-animal bond but there is no human element to the logos. I might imagine a woman standing or crouching with a waggy dog coming toward her…or her crouching, smiling and being aggressively licked by said waggy dog. To me, your blog is a deep-thought one about keen observation. You see traits in Honey as having much in common with human beings and show people how and where you see that similarity. Your blog also gives me a feeling of warmth and kindness. Hope that helps. I am excited to see where you go with the logo and design.

    • Thanks so much for the great critique and for leading us in a new direction. I wasn’t really sure how other people saw my blog so this is very helpful.

      BTW, I sent a link to your logo to my husband for the idea file. :)

  2. I like the first two, but I agree with Jessica. I think you need a person in the logo to help convey the human-animal bond. BTW – I love your blog and how you apply what you learn from Honey to your own life.

  3. I love your blog and read it every day that I can. Your ‘mission statement’ of musings on the human-canine bond – while it might not be exciting, is accurate – you write about the everyday interactions we all have with our dogs, but that we just don’t ponder as you do. That’s what makes your blog so much fun to read, you bring us around to observations we may not make or enjoy. As far as the logo, I have to agree with Jessica – the first one is cute with the little waggy butt – but I do think a human element would be good. I’m about as artistic as a broom handle, so I always rely on graphic designers for anything that requires an eye for design – I find it makes a huge difference. Not that your husband isn’t talented…

    • I appreciate the work of professional designers very much. I’m amazed at what they do.

      But I’m finding the DIY approach really helpful in developing ideas. If I went right to a pro, I’m not sure what I’d ask for. If we do end up working with a pro later, all this initial work will help me share a vision with her. :)

  4. We think they were a great attempt at creating a logo. If we had to choose one we like the last one best. Anyway in the end it is always what you are happy with as it is your blog. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I agree with what’s been said…None of these speak to what I feel when I read your blog…I come back daily to read your musings on the human-animal bond…You make me think about both dogs and humans in a unique way and your logo should represent that…

  6. I agree with the the other comments. None of these logos speak to me either. I think it does need a human element to go with your “Dog and their People” theme…I see more of an outdoor shot, like a wooded trail, and Honey walking toward the camera and you facing toward Honey as she approaches. Shot at an angle that makes it a banner shaped photo, the title text could be part of the photo instead of as a header above it….I don’t see your blog as having a cartoony style logo.

    • Thanks so much for suggesting a photographic approach for a header. Personally, I absolutely hate having my picture taken. I don’t even use a mirror to put on make up. So I’m not sure I’d survive appearing in my own logo. :)

      But I think you’re onto something about expressing the blog so I will give it serious thought.

  7. Interesting! I am a realtor but do mostly assistant work, don’t like showing homes and dealing with the clients. I never knew you had a first time home buyer blog! It looks really great and I love that logo! From the logos on this blog I like the first one the best but don’t love it. Not really sure what needs to be changed for me to love it, but I like it much better than the other two. Getting a logo is fun, since I just got Emma’s logo, it is fresh in my mind.

    • Very cool that you work in real estate. I hope you’ll hop by Hands on Home Buyer every so often to make sure I’m accurate. Real estate is so local that I have to work hard to remind myself that most American home buyers are not dealing with a 3.6% property tax rate like in NY or having their settlements done by lawyers. :)

      I’m not a Realtor but I work for a housing nonprofit teaching first time home buyers. Because I don’t rely on commission for my income, I get to say whatever I want without worrying about offending buyers. :)

      Anyway, our first logos for Hands on Home Buyer looked very cheesy and not at all like what we ended up with. So I’m hoping we can find something as good for Something Wagging.

      It sounds like Glogirly (that is who did your logo, right?) knew just what would work for Emma’s blog. I’m not sure what I’d tell a designer so I’m finding this DIY approach a really helpful working method.

      • The realtor I work with does first time home buyer seminars here locally to “pick up buyers”. I prefer them as they are so happy and enthusiastic!
        Glogirly did our logo since she is local I thought that would be a nice touch. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I guess my description was good because she pretty much nailed it on the first try with just one minor change to get the final product. I’m excited to see what you come up with.

  8. I do quite like the first one. Honey’s butt is too darn cute :)

    • It’s hard to resist a little fuzzy butt. But I teased my husband that if we use that picture, I’ll have to change my blog name to Something Wagging That Way Goes. And tons of Shakespeare and Ray Bradbury fans will be terribly disappointed. :)

  9. Isn’t it funny how we fail to adequately capture what our own blogs are about, but when I think of Something Wagging I can no question detail what you are about: the thoughtful, loving and often hilarious ways dogs and humans share their lives and how we can all live happier by trying to “be the dog”. I write about…stuff.

    All that being said, (and with much love to Mike who is one of my favourite guys), I do agree that none of these logos really capture the spirit of you, Honey or Something Wagging. I actually quite agree with Taryn and her set up above, although perhaps instead of a wooded scene, I might do it near the water or the harbour to reflect your current love of sailing. The good thing about a photo like that is you could stage it over and over in different seasons, locations etc and repeat the idea even while changing up the header from time to time. (I’m envisioning something like this, only with Honey walking toward you and obviously in a wider format, so that it can be used as your header. OK – it won’t let me use the link. I’m Facebooking it to you.)

    • I appreciate the great comments from everyone. They are amazingly helpful.

      I’ll reply to everything at the end. But I couldn’t let the picture you sent me on FB rest. I may not know much. But I definitely know that no one (and I mean NO ONE) would read my blog if they had to see my butt on the header). :)

      • Mike Webster says:

        From the Husband: Maybe I should think about doing people. (BTW, Jodi, thanks for the “seasonal header” idea. I think you just quadrupled my workload this year. :) )

  10. I would choose the #1 logo, and it’s a non-threatening pose (a tail wagging / dog looks quite happy while wagging)

  11. I love the first logo since the rear end of a dog is where most of their communication happens and the knowledge of another dog comes from. I don’t see how you can improve on this concept.

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband:
      Jan, I am deeply in love with you.
      (All the rest of y’all, I don’t do people.)

  12. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    Okay, here goes — I LOVE all 3 logos, but I also agree with Jessica. Your new logo needs a human in it. Your blog IS about the bond you have with Honey, first and foremost, but expands to include life in general. And right now I’m going through the same dilemma you are, but MY hubby is not as talented/artistic as yours. I am on my own here. And, free WordPress doesn’t have much to work with in the line of adaptable headers and such. Plus I’m not exactly a tech geek. :-) All I’ve been able to come up with so far is a new name — and if it’s taken already, I’ll have to go back to square one. Good Luck, Pamela! I hope all the comments you’re getting help!

    • So it sounds like you’re going to be making some changes to your blog? Will the name more reflect life with the dogs? Because I’ve always wondered about the origin of your wordpress name.

      • Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

        Definitely will reflect my life with my Golden Girls & Demon Dog. As for the origin of my WordPress name? When Sam and I first met, it was over the phone at work…I was in the group insurance sales office of MetLife, and he was down here in Greenville, in the claims office, printing ID cards, claim forms, etc. for our group insurance customers. As we grew closer, he started calling me his Northern Girl (NG for short) and he was my Southern Boy (SB). We still use those nicknames too, 23 years later. Back when I started this blog, I had NO idea what it was going to turn into, so the name was fine. AND easy for ME to remember.

        • I love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

          And they’re much more mysterious nicknames than mine for Mike (muffinhead) and his for me (sunshine). :)

          • Mike Webster says:

            From the Husband: It’s really beginning to look like I’m gonna have to start doing people.

  13. I think we’ll all agree, to really express you blog to it’s fullest: human dog interaction in the logo. Absolutely! I’m working on a revamp for mine in the not so near future because I miss having our pic in it. 😉

    • I like the look of your new theme. But you’re right, it just doesn’t look the same without you and Titan right at the top.

      I thought one you posted on FB recently looking down at his head between your feet was very cute. :)

      • Mike Webster says:

        From the Husband:

        • Mike Webster says:

          [Husband’s Note to Self: Apparently, when one puts a word such as “Sigh. . .” in between two carrots, the text disappears. . . ]

  14. For the logos, I like #1. If you do make a new one like the other comments suggest, I suggest having your title be completely visible (unlike logos 2 &3 where the text is partially hidden). I think that would look a little nicer.

    For your blog description, I see it as this:

    Your blog does follow the day to day human/canine interaction, but I think it is much more than that. You advocate on behalf of dogs (blog the change) as well as educate on important topics. You also bring awareness to important information, such as dogs in hot cars. Your blog is very versatile!

    • Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Of course, it’s very hard to pinpoint a blog that’s about too many things. :)

  15. I like the first one showing the tail wagging, but the dog should be clearly coming towards — you. Doesn’t need to be the whole you — simple outstretched arms toward the clearly wagging towards you Honey! As to your tagline — it is clearly “Exploring the bond between dogs, their people, and the life they form together.” You’ve had some good ideas posted, I hope that you will find one that truly resonates for you! :)

    • Yes, Laura, we need to bring “coming” and wagging together. My ideal would be a picture of Honey from the back with her head turned over her shoulder looking back. But I’m having trouble training it. After all, we spent a couple years reinforcing her for coming right back to me and staying by my side. :)

      And thank you for the thoughts on the tagline. It is certainly more specific and descriptive than the one I have now.

      • Mike Webster says:

        From the Husband:
        One of my early proposals for the tag was “Tastes Great. Less Filling.”
        But it didn’t get a lot of traction around here.
        (BTW, about those outstretched arms, did I mention I don’t do people?)

  16. I agree with the other comments, none of the logos really speak to me. Your blog always has daily dog-human stories, connections, & lessons that I love reading about. You always have interesting insights that you point out that make me think. I really like that.

    So when I think of Something Wagging, I think you provide a deeper look at the dog-human bond and the lessons we learn from our four-legged friends. I think a logo with both a dog & a human in it, or even a pawprint & a handprint, would speak to what your blog is about.
    [Actually, I think I’m going to go try my hand at making such a logo, just for the heck of it. (: ]

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! A fresh layout and new logo could really help you direct your thoughts better, as I’ve found. :)

  17. I agree with the others that it needs a person. The title of your blog always makes me think of a happy dog coming toward me. The first one is super cute, but not quite right I don’t think. I’m picturing you in the distance – arms held wide, while Honey in the foreground happily trots toward you. Also picturing the focus on Honey, with you out-of-focus – sort of an “everywoman” who folks could relate to. Probably doesn’t work as a banner shape though. Anyway – that’s what I think of when I think of SWTWC.

    • Good thoughts, Jackie. Although me out-of-focus might make people think more of a cow or a Volkswagen than a person. :)

      • Mike Webster says:

        From the Husband: I’m picturing not doing people. But my picture is being erased with every second comment. . .

  18. Well, in regard to the logos I have to agree with the majority that none of these logos really represents what your blog is about. I like the ideas floating around of a dog walking toward you (so we see the something wagging!!). I love Kol’s idea of a water scene as the backdrop especially since your blog is very self-reflective (and so is water). Personally, if I were to hint at your tagline I would say something along the lines of “Something Wagging This Way Comes – Reflections on the Human-Canine Relationship” or something like that.

    Good luck…I am sure you will have a lot of feedback to help you along!

    • Interesting thoughts on personal reflections and reflections in water. I guess I should expect that from a poet.

      Great ideas. Thank you so much!

      BTW, your blog is one of my favorite designs ever. I would never have expected a blogger blog to look so perfect. I grew up reading Baum’s Oz stories and you’ve captured the feeling of them so well with your fonts. It’s just wonderful.

      • You are welcome! And thank YOU!!! Wow…is my design really one of your favorites?! I don’t know what else to say but…THANK YOU! It took me a while to get the design to where I wanted it, but now I love it and I hope others do too. I love the Baum stories…and the movie The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie since I was a kid…the blog fonts are sort of like my homage, I guess.

  19. I like the first logo- the little bum is too cute :) I think it’s hard to categorise your blog. Even though you blog is primarily about dogs, you cover such a broad range of topics so it wouldn’t seem right to limit what your tag line says.

    Love your blog- never change it (apart from a lovely new logo :p)

    • Thanks, Rachael. I’ve always been self-conscious about how ugly my blog is. There’s nothing huge wrong with it but it’s not very attractive.

      I sometimes wonder if more people would read it if it looked nicer and was easier to navigate. But then I remember that most people would rather enjoy cute Corgi pictures and not so much wordiness and I become very thankful for all thoughtful and smart people who DO come by. :)

  20. I also completely agree with Jessica about the logos, that being said, it was WONDERFUL of your husband to even attempt to do them for you!
    I agree about adding the “human” touch.
    Possibly photos of YOU……
    What I LOVE about your blog that I think sets it apart from many that I read is YOUR OBSERVATIONAL HUMOR and insight. I think to make your “30 second elevator pitch” less “turgid” I would try and make it more “Seinfeld-esque” (who is also a genius in regards to observational humor/insight)
    I would maybe incorporate the “thinking person’s dog blog”……..topics designed to make us THINK….to make us “take paws (pause) and look at ourselves.”
    I always learn something on your blog but at the same time, you often make me laugh and smile too! Hope this helps!

    • Thanks, Caren. I really appreciate the thought that went into your comments. I have used the phrase “thinking person’s dog blog” but sometimes wonder who else it might frighten away. :) But I will definitely take your inspiration to be more like Jerry Seinfeld. :)

      Since my readers are so much more descriptive than I am, I’m wondering if I should include some of these comments as testimonials somewhere on the blog.

      • Mike Webster says:

        From the Husband: I think I’m losing the “I don’t do people” battle. . .

  21. There is so much I could say; but Jessica, SlimDoggy, Taryn, etc. already said all of it better. I’m not even remotely creative, so I cannot begin to describe a header/logo that would accurately reflect what SomethingWagging is.
    My own site does not reflect what it is now or what I want it to evolve to be. It needs a redesign, but that is going to have to wait for now. Even if I could do it now, I have no idea how I want it to look.
    My only advice to you to peruse many, many blogs. Don’t worry about whether you like the blog… just try to see if the header/logo/overall design captures the essence or feel of the blog. When you find a few that just really nail it, you might consider consulting their designer. If you’re definitely wanting to DIY, study WHY and HOW those blog designs are so fitting for their content.
    You really do offer such a unique perspective on the dog-human relationship. You have this way of writing things that we all might think… but don’t think to express… or don’t know how to express. I only started blogging this year, and therefore only this year started being introduced to the TONS of other dog blogs. I never knew there were so many until now. Thousands, I would imagine. But the way you write is so different from anyone else. 833 posts and you still have a 23-page list of things you want to write about?? Holy woof! And that’s the thing. You can write about any topic and put your unique Pamela stamp on it… and voila, it’s like reading about something new.
    I didn’t even know you had a first-time homebuyer blog! I skipped over there and it looks fantastic! Great job on the header there! Also, I picked one recent post to read and one random post from two years ago and geez, woman! You have just as much of a knack for writing about real estate as you do dogs! I almost want to hate you, lol!
    I know I didn’t offer much helpful input, but best of luck with the redesign here. I look forward to seeing the fresh look for SomethingWagging! Just don’t ever change your writing style!

    • It’s funny but I followed a lot of your advice about looking for ideas when I designed Hands on Home Buyer. I had a very strong opinion about the type of readers I attract and what they’d be looking for. My husband designed the logo and it was a long process with lots of feedback from friends and readers.

      But I’m finding redesigning Something Wagging even harder. I see blogs whose design I like. For example, Oz the Terrier has one of my faves. And I think Words with Wieners looks hip and cute. But even blog designs I love don’t seem to fit Something Wagging.

      It’s probably because Something Wagging is such a passion. i guess nothing is ever good enough for our little fuzzy butts, is it? :)

      And thanks so much for the kind words about Hands on Home Buyer. A mysterious result of the redesign process trashed my search engine traffic and no one (even SEO experts) can tell me why. It’s very discouraging to lose so much readership. But it’s nice to hear that it’s not because I’m writing crap. :)

  22. I like the third one. It made me smile and get a warm feeling.

    • I love that one too. It’s actually a real picture of Honey as a puppy colored in on Sumo Paint.

      Even if it doesn’t end up on the blog, Mike has done a couple cuties like that one that we thought might make cute greeting cards.

  23. Sorry, none of these three speak to me either. If I had to pick one, I’d say the first one. What I love most about your blog is that you have wonderful insights and lessons. And you use Honey’s life to give us those insights and lessons.

  24. Of the three, the first one seems the best fit, but I agree that none of them are exactly what I think of when I come to Something Wagging. Actually, your blog is the reason I chose the title for a specific group of dog blogs that I follow which I call Intellectual Dog Blogs. I know that when I come to read your blog, I will think a little about something, perhaps from a different point of view, and I will leave still thinking about it for a little while longer. Maybe more if the post is about where you put the dog during marital relations! 😛 I also know that your blog never takes itself TOO seriously, which I also like.

    • Wow, intellectual dog blogs? That’s a new one. I’d love to know what other blogs you put into that category.

      BTW, I hope you give me credit for causing you to think about “marital relations” just a little bit longer. I’d like to be on your husband’s good side if we ever get to meet. :)

  25. I’m not sure about the logo, but should have a heart in it. As for a catchier way to say “exploring human-animal bond” How about “True love is a dog” , “Life is better with a dog” , or “My dog completes me”? Just me barking out ideas. BOL!!

  26. Visual design is not my thing, but there are some good comments here. I think that because the first two use real photos, that puts them ahead of the third.
    But I see this as a… pensive blog. That’s the word I’d pick and I use it as a compliment. It’s personal, contemplative, thought-provoking.
    I don’t think any of the logos reflect that entirely. But I also don’t think you can get Honey to pose like Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ – lol – so I’m out of ideas.
    If asked if I can classify my own blog…. no idea! Tough endeavour!

  27. I like the last one best :-)

    • I’m very fond of that little cartoonized version of Honey too. I’m not sure it will end up in the logo. But I think we need to dos something fun with it.

  28. The logo and design of you blog is so important in conveying what it’s about and it’s something I have thought about and spent the most time perfecting (although I don’t think it will ever be perfect) in preparation for our re-launch.
    The first thing you need to do before you even think of what your logo will look like is what does you blog look like in your head?
    When I think of Something Wagging This Way Comes it is like a cool parent blog. Full of great advice and wisdom aswell as some laughs. And I agree with alot of the comments saying that there should be a person in your logo (preferably you) because the blog is just as much about you as it is about Honey. I have an idea in my head but I don’t know if it fits the blog. If that makes sense.

    I would be happy to try and make a mock-up for you though, I am quite the whizz with GIMP (like photoshop, not a mask wearing sex fiend).

    Laura & Winston

    • You’ve hit on the problem, Laura. I don’t have an idea in my head of what Something Wagging looks like. It’s so personal that I have trouble seeing it like an outsider.

      One reason I’m going the DIY route is because I don’t have a budget. But the other reason is that I don’t feel able to talk about what to do with a designer. I’d feel terrible to waste someone’s time since I have so little of an idea about what would work.

      If you are interested in doing a mock-up of an idea but understand that I’m flaky and don’t know what I want, I’m happy to find a barter for your time.

      Mike’s been working in SumoPaint because it has a less steep learning curve than GIMP. And yes, I think of Pulp Fiction every time I mention that program too. :)

      Almost forgot–looking forward your relaunch Monday. Do you mind telling me how you worked on your blog behind the scenes before making the switch? When I relaunched Hands on Home Buyer I lost tons of search engine traffic and no one, not even SEO experts, can tell me why. I’m hoping to avoid that problem with Something Wagging.

  29. I have to agree with most other comments, none of the logos symbolises what your blog is about to me. Why not do something along the lines of what you’ve done with your Home Buyers blog with a montage of photos? That looks good. I find it really hard to categorise your blog, definitely intellectual, down to earth, caring, thoughtful, off the wall, omphaloskeptical (love that word, lol), adventurous, friendly. If I had to just use one word it would be ‘unique’.

    Have you thought about getting a professional to design a logo and come up with a tag line? Check out lots of other blogs and contact those whose headers and tag lines you like and ask them who designed them maybe?

    Please, whatever you do don’t change your comment system! I’m having a lot of trouble commenting on some blogs these days and it can get quite annoying!

    • I’m going to use the same theme for Something Wagging that I used for Hands on Home Buyer. It’s flexible so I can make it look however I want. But it has an easy commenting system. I have no interest in using 3rd party commenting. I hate them too.

      As for a professional? This is already a pretty expensive hobby, between hosting, back up, mailing giveaway prizes, etc. I’m really cheap and can’t quite justify spending more money on a money-losing blog. :)

      Thanks for the nice words about the blog. I could put omphaloskepsis in the tag line and chase every one (except you and Pup Fan) away. :)

  30. Which logo do you like the most? – I like the first one. It’s like “follow me…see what I have to teach you.”

    Which logo do you think best matches what you expect to find at Something Wagging? I don’t think any of the logos match what I expect to find. I think there should be a person in the logo somehow. I can picture something in the style of #3.

    And what in the world is Something Wagging about? This is a tough one. It’s sort of a lifestyle blog, meaning you posts are largely about making the dog part of your life, but you still have posts about things you do without Honey (like Panama). I like the combination. I love that it is often humorous. Overall, I expect to read about your relationship with your dog from an intellectual perspective. It’s funny, but not filled with only anecdotes of Honey. It is lessons from you and Honey presented in a thoughtprovoking manner and makes me see things a new way. A favorite of mine is good for the dog, good for me. I hope that helps. I think you may have created your own niche with this blog!

  31. De Cunningham (@Skye613 ) says:

    Agree with those who are not thrilled with the 3 new designs, and they’ve said it much better than I could. You often end posts with ” good for the dog good for you” . To me that embodies your blog. Some of your wonderful posts are directed to the human side of he equation, some to the canine side. ” Good for you , good for the dog “

  32. When I first saw you pose this question on Facebook, I don’t think I ended up commenting because I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Maybe that was because what Jessica and everyone else said was right, none of them were just right. I definitely think they are correct, and it seems like you’ve come around to that way of thinking too. BTW, Mike is so funny. I see he stopped commenting….has he given up? :)

  33. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    I have to agree with everyone else about it missing the human side of canine interaction that you always describe so accurately–at least for those of us in love with our dogs.

    I understand your not liking photos taken of you, but I really do think something along that line is what’s right for your points that you always make–while making us laugh quite often.

    I also understand he “Doesn’t do people.” But, what about using one of the apps that turns things into artistic cartoons? You wouldn’t have to put up with an exact photo of yourself, it could show a waggy tail going toward you, and he wouldn’t exactly have to do a person. This is just one of the ones out there–found with Googling “App to turn photo into cartoon” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dumplingsandwich.cartoonphoto&hl=en You can replace “cartoon” with any other medium of your choice and get a lot of results. You can find either android (a lot of those run in Chrome browser) OR for iDevices.

    There are a whole bunch of apps out there that turn photos into things like cartoons, watercolors, and other artistic mediums. You’d still get your personal family touch that’s so prominent in your writing, and he might be able to do people then?

  34. I think all three of his designs are cute, but honestly, I think there is something missing and I can’t quite place what it is. He’s certainly on the right track though….but your original header seems, more, well personable. Maybe something similar, but with Honey?

    As for what your blog is about, you always seem to point out the similarities between dogs and people, the bond yes, but more than that. You see how a dog’s fears are similar to a persons, and how we can use the same techniques to get past our fears and reservations. I’ve been struggling over my own tagline, so I’m no help in narrowing it down, but that is how I see your blog, and it is one of my favorites. It always makes me think.

  35. I read the post, and I had thoughts. Then I read the comments, and realized that everyone else said them better than I could. And then I read all of Mike’s comments again and laughed my ass off.