What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs? #3

As I rebuild my list of favorite dog blogs, I reflect on which ones make me think, influence my actions, or teach me something new.

But some blogs, while they may do those three things, also make me laugh. Where do I go for a giggle?

Hop over to my Favorite Dog Blogs page to see my favorite funny bloggers (their blogs are in maroon).

Honey the Golden Retriever shows off her belly on the beach.

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh.

And if you’re wondering what you’ve missed, visit What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs #1 and #2.

Your Turn: When you need a laugh, do you have a favorite funny dog blog?

Updated 8/18/13 – A few of my favorite funny dog blogs:

Chronicles of Cardigan

I Still Want More Puppies

Molly the Wally

Oz the Terrier

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  1. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    Usually Jodi Stone’s HeartLikeADog. Sampson and Delilah’s antics, and the way Jodi weaves a story line, just have a way of making me LOL. I’m sure there are others, but it’s still too early for me to try to think. :-)

    • I debated a good long time about placing Jodi in today’s category. I find lots of different things at Heart Like a Dog so humor isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But when Jodi makes me laugh, I end up with milk blowing out of my nose. :)

  2. Jackie at Pooch Smooches always makes me laugh! I enjoy her dry sense of humor. I Still Want More Puppies is definitely a good one too. I need to check the others out….I’ve heard of all of them but haven’t had a chance to spend much time reading them.

  3. Proud to say I follow nearly all that you mentioned, and I agree. Another one that is hilarious (and uses her own photos) is Two French Bulldogs http://www.twofrenchbulldogs.com/

    Sadly, Benny, one of the Bulldogs has cancer but he is holding his own and “Fighting Like a Frenchie” and his “mother” is miraculously able to maintain her marvelous sense of humor through it all.

    Also Easy Blog about a Weimaraner who chronicles his life and the many mishaps that take place, as well as the quirkiness of his parents with complete hilarity (they live in France)

    My all time favorite dog blog both for humor and everything else, is Marking Our Territory. Will’s videos are some of the best on the web, he doesn’t take himself or his dog (Eko) too seriously and writes purely out of love of his dog which is reflected in each and every one of his blog posts. Yes their blog is housed on Purina PetCentric but to me, it is one of the best. http://markingourterritory.wordpress.com/

    There are more, but I also just woke up and can’t think of them off of the top of my head.

  4. Most of the dog blogs I follow seem to be more serious, some of the cat ones are funny, but you asked about dogs. I guess many have an humorous post on Monday Mischief, but I find the cat bloggers to be much funnier in general. I try to be funny even with serious subjects, and facebook has lots of funny dogs. Not much help I guess, but that is how this hound sees it.

  5. Personally, I’m not sorry you need to rebuild your favorite blog listing since I’m visiting many I missed before. Shark Week caught me by surprise; next year, we’ll be prepared (maybe).
    At Silverwalk, Justus needs a John Deere cap: he loves nothing more than to chase driven equipment up and down the fence as it goes along the road. Cars, OK, but equipement like mowers, garbage trucks, etc. make him ecstatic. We have no sharks :(.

  6. Good picks! I usually always leave Still Want More Puppies and Chronicles of Cardigan with a smile. Emma’s right – the Monday Mischief posts usually tend to be funny, no matter the usual content of the blog. And Emma’s blog always makes me smile too!

    {Thanks, Jan, for for the shout-out!}

  7. Thank you so much for including me on your list – I’m honored to be listed alongside such fantastic blogs! Chronicles of Cardigan in particular usually has me rolling on the floor with laughter.

    I kind of love seeing which category you place each blog in. I can think of a few that I am sure will appear on your list, and I am having fun guessing how you’ll group them together!

  8. Dear Pamela,
    Thanks for being the balm to my self esteem today. :) Sometimes the Internet feels like one giant 12-foot-deep public swimming pool, and all I’ve got are a pair of cheap Dora the Explorer arm floaties. (Golly, what a frightening image I have in my head right now! bwahaha! See what an effect you have on me?)

    When I was a new-ish blogger, I looked at your blog roll for inspiration (Want More Puppies, anyone?), which means, obviously, that I was looking at your blog for inspiration, too. It’s surreal that I’m actually on it.

    And, since you have encouraged sharing here, I’d just like to mention that Floppy Tongue Joy (adventures of an intellectual dachshund named Reuben) has brought me close to needing a change of underwear on several occasions. http://floppytonguejoy.blogspot.com/ It’s written entirely in Reuben’s quirky dialect, but in a way that is never distracting. In fact, I think Reuben’s mama could teach a class on creative humor writing in a toothless dog’s voice. :)
    Humbly yours,

    • Hi Elizabeth. I had heard of this blog but I guess it kept slipping off of my radar. I don’t think I have every checked it out. I also didn’t realize it was written by a Dachshund! Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out for sure.

  9. Jackie and Jodi both make me laugh, as does Jen and My Brown Newfies. OMD – she’s hilarious.

  10. I have another addition to the list… one of my most recent discoveries is A Brave Face (http://abraveface.com). I’m really enjoying her posts and there are many that crack me up!