What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs? #1

Honey the Golden Retriever waits for the Cape May Ferry to take her on an adventure.

I’m always up for travel and adventure.

I used to have a listing of my favorite dog blogs.

Then Google Reader went away taking my blog roll with it.

I’ve meant to create a list of the different blogs I follow but, let’s face it, anything that’s harder than pasting in code from my blog reader will take some time.

So rather than procrastinate because the job is too big, I’m breaking it down into bite sized pieces.

After all, no dog ever swallowed a pizzle stick whole, right?

Each Sunday, I’ll add links to a few more of my favorite pet blogs. Mentally, I’ve organized it by theme. Meaning, what do I think of first when I go to this blog?

The blogs I’ve added today remind me of Travel and Adventure.

Themes are limiting. For example, one of the blogs I added today, Tales and Tails, could be listed with other blogs featuring beautiful photography or thoughtful posts on life with dogs.

But some of my favorite posts are those that share the places they travel as a family. So I’ve added this blog today with others that make me think of travel. I’m not going to put a travel tag on it because I’d hate someone to pass it by because they’re not interested in traveling. They’d miss a lot.

So I hope you enjoy checking out some of my favorite dog blogs. I’ll add a few more next Sunday. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or subscribe in the right hand sidebar.

Your Turn: How do you keep track of all the blogs you like to follow?

Updated 8/11/13 – The blogs that most make me think of Travel and Adventure with dogs are: 

Dog Jaunt

Gizmo’s Terrier Torrent

Take Paws at Go Pet Friendly

Tales and Tails

You Did What With Your Weiner

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  1. That darn Google Reader! Great list so far 😉

  2. I switched to Feedly. It works a lot like reader did.

    • I’m using Feedly and like it quite a bit. But it doesn’t have a widget that automatically propagates a blog roll like Reader did for me. :(

      It’s probably just as well since not every blog I follow is through my feed reader.

  3. I’m loving Bloglovin’. It’s easy and is set up nicely.

  4. I’m using BlogLovin – so far so good. But I have my own list on our site and in my bookmarks…that’s the librarian in me – lots of different resources. Look forward to your filling out the list.

  5. Thank you for including us in such great company Pam! FWIW, I’m using Bloglovin’ and it’s working OK for me so far, but no blogroll widget and it doesn’t always respond on my Kindle

  6. Already had liked your fb page :) We like to use email for the blogs we follow. I know people say it is so hard but for us, it is a list and we just open, read, and delete one by one. We don’t have a list of them but if one is missing for more than a few days we usually remember it and look for it online to see what is going on. Yes, it was easier when we only followed like three or four blogs but now our list has really grown and it takes a lot of time but it is fun reading all the blogs. I did make a list of fb pages I like about a year ago, that was hard enough!

  7. We popped over to take a look. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. I’m currently using Feedly, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Bloglovin’ so I may give it a try as well. I can’t wait to see your updated list. I’ve been thinking about going through and updating my list as well. Maybe after I get through the early puppy stages with Adelle (my latest Service Dog Puppy In Training)…she’s been keeping me very busy.

  9. Good idea – splitting up your blogs so we can check them out bit by bit. Most I’ve seen; I moved my Reader over to Feedly, but am intrigued by the comments about Bloglovin. And I agree, I tend to read/respond more readily to those I get in email (like Waggin’!) but need to make a filter so my inbox isn’t overwhelmed.

    Most blogs I follow are on my blog page, but some, like SnowWeiners, aren’t – updating is in order! I have a soft spot for the hound and training blogs; don’t travel so much, but can always learn.

  10. I love your new blog roll and the no pressure way you’re populating it. I’ve been meaning to find a way ever since Reader kicked the bucket. I may steal your idea and just add a few every week.

  11. I had GR dump the whole bunch into Feedly. Then imagine my shock when I found that in my long years of blogging I had accumulated over 200 subscriptions. Of course most of them have gone dark which I find very sad.

    New rule: no one stops writing a blog until a majority of readers agree to it.

  12. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    I’ll stick with email subscriptions to my favorites. It’s just easier for me to go through them if I get an email saying one is waiting for me.

  13. I have started adding mine to bloglovin. Seems like it is taking me forever!

    By the way, Phe is in a contest and if she wins we are donating a portion of it to the animal shelter she was adopted from. Phe would really appreciate it if you would vote for her! If you can help her out go to this link to find out more:http://dogsnpawz.com/black-and-white-sunday-vote-for-phe-the-destroyer-dog.html Phe really wants to help her doggy and kitty friends at the shelter!!!!

  14. If they aren’t WordPress blogs (WordPress has its own reader), I follow on Bloglovin.

  15. Aww, thanks for the kind words today!

    I’ve been using Feedly, too, and I have another one that I use called Mr. Reader, but it imports from other sources like Feedly for now. I’ve heard a lot about BlogLovin’, too, so I may have to look into it, if I can ever find an extra few minutes!

  16. This is one of my favorite dog blogs; I love your writing style. I feel like I’m chatting with a friend on the phone or at lunch. I can’t believe I don’t follow your FB page – fixed that one today :)

  17. I have a tab on my blog where I have links to all of the blogs I follow. It allows my readers to see what I like and it is an easy access for myself as well. I have read a lot of good things about Blog Lovin’, so I think I may try that.

    Have a great day!

  18. What a cool idea, Pamela! I think it’s much more interesting to get your thoughts on why you follow a blog than to just see the name, too. Thank goodness Google Reader went away! 😉 I’ve been using Feedly and absolutely love it! They make it extremely easy to share posts, which I really enjoy. And I like that I can automatically open the actual post rather than just see the RSS feed. That way my view counts in the blogger’s analytics.

  19. I’m enjoying Feedly, although it was something of a transition from Google Reader. I like a lot of the features that Feedly offers, although I’m sure it’s frustrating to lose some of the functionality you had with Google Reader! I also like keeping up with the shorter, newsier bits through Twitter lists, like the one from Go Pet Friendly. I also made my own: https://twitter.com/abbyfpratt/dog-bloggers

  20. My blog roll on my blog has vanished into cyberspace. And I’m totally disorganised as to how I’m notified of new blog posts. Some I subscribe by email and I sometimes use Feedly, other times Bloglovin’ but the way I keep up with quite a few blogs is from other people’s blog rolls who follow the same blogs. I am extremely lazy and disorganised! Oh and Networked Blogs via Facebook. I will be watching what you do with interest.

  21. Most of them are in Feedly. If I don’t put them in Feedly then I don’t remember to check them. Some I subscribe to via e-mail but then I get so many e-mails a day that it overwhelms me. LOL

  22. Great idea! I get everything by email

  23. Our mommy used google reader too but now uses “reeder” and loves it!

  24. Great list! You’ve given me two new ones to take a look at (so far!). I like how you are categorizing them….it makes it easier if someone is looking for something in particular.


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