What Are Dog Toy Makers Thinking? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever loves her tiki toy.

Honey loves her Tiki toy. But what were those dog toy makers thinking? Do they also make stuffed communion cups, Moses figurines, and squeaky Korans?


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  1. Haha Yeah they make a toy shaped like just about anything. The same for baby teethers. Yesterday my daughter sent me a picture of a baby teether shaped like a couple of bbq spareribs!

    • Teething toys made by the Beef Council: “Beef, it’s what’s for teething.”

      Or were they pork ribs? “Teething toys, the other white meat.”

      I can see the ads now. :)

  2. They are thinking the toys are really for the humans…

  3. I think that since Tikis are not a part of a mainstream religion, the toy makers think they are fair game for use as a toy. It would sort of be like using Thor’s Hammer as a dog toy. That’s my guess anyway :-)

  4. I think they do, I have seen the Christmas stuff, Hanukkah stuff, I think they turn anything into a toy these days.

  5. There are some odd choices out there.

  6. Yep!
    Proof: http://www.oytoys.com/Jewish-Pet-Toys-s/97.htm
    Actually, the “Baa Mitzvah Lamb” is kind of adorable. (OMG, am I part of the problem?)
    There’s even Christian dog clothes: http://www.michipet.com/christiandog.html

  7. Scary!

  8. Sometimes I just wish there were like buttons on these comments…

  9. I think they are trying way too hard to come up with new ideas!

  10. I don’t know what they’re thinking… but there sure are some crazy toys out there.

  11. Good thinking. People need to use their heads..or get an education.

  12. Probably do – you can find almost anything stuffed with a noise maker inside online.

  13. I’ve seen some stuffed Stars of David and Menorahs…

  14. Yea, I can’t say that I think this will really offend too many people but why take the chance. They have so many other things that they could have created that a dog would enjoy. Your pup still looks cute though!