What a Puppy Learns in a Week

white mixed breed cute puppy

Just call me the puppy vacuum. If it's on the floor, it's in my mouth.

Any of us who have raised a dog from puppyhood know how quickly they grow up. But when you only have a puppy for a week, every new thing he learns stands out as a big step.

Here are the things our foster puppy Buster has learned since he arrived here Sunday afternoon, in order:

  1. Walking up the stairs.
  2. Squatting results in being immediately picked up and whisked outdoors.
  3. Sleeping in his crate without whining.
  4. Walking on a leash.
  5. How to squeeze out the bottom of the x-pen door.
  6. Walking down the stairs.
  7. Not to bite like a Tasmanian devil when he’s frustrated.
  8. How to spin a container around the floor to get the food out.

Buster goes back to the SPCA to be adopted on Monday. What do you think he’ll learn in the next two days?

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  1. Wow! That’s alot of education for one week little guy! woo woo woo!

  2. Oh, speaking from experience, I’d say the possibilities are endless! He is so gosh darned cute!

  3. I’d say he’s making good progress! I thought for sure he would already be adopted. Guess you proved me wrong! :)

  4. No idea, but it’ll be an exciting time for Buster and whoever gets him. Your training challenge has made me look back at Georgia’s progress and be pretty happy and proud.
    So does that mean he’s going to his new home on Monday?

  5. What a smart puppy! He is going to make someone a wonderful little addition!

  6. Awe you did a great job and it is great he has found a home! We are going to work on the leash thing with our puppy starting today. :)