We’re Back!

When I decided to start Something Wagging This Way Comes, I had two motives: to keep track of Honey’s time with us and to learn something about web design through blogging.

Watching Honey growing up? Lots of fun. Learning new stuff about computers? Well, let’s just say it’s not as much fun as walkies in the rain when your poop bag has just ripped and you have holes in your shoes.

But I’ve hit one milestone by moving Something Wagging This Way Comes to its own hosted site. Which means I can participate more fully in all the cool stuff going on in the cyberworld. And I’ll learn new stuff to use in my upcoming project to be announced later.

Look around at what we’ve done so far. Moving the blog had introduced some glitches so please help me out by posting a comment here if you note anything that’s just not right.

And keep watching for cool new stuff–I’ll be launching the Puppiness Project, reviewing Edie Jarolim’s Am I Boring My Dog, and much more! See ya around the internet!

Golden Retriever Puppy in the Woods

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