Wednesday’s Adoptable T-Bone in Central NY

Wordless Wednesday – Adopt T-Bone

adoptable hound mix at Tompkins County SPCA

Sure I'm goofy. What Coonhound (mix) isn't? But I'm very lovable and when I've sniffed the world all over, I'm happy to hang out at your feet and ask for belly rubs. I'm excellent in the house and never try to destroy anything--unless you count cats. But I get along well with dogs and people. Won't you bring me home today?


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  1. Oh isn’t he handsome! Hope he finds his new best friend very soon.

  2. What a happy face he has! And I can never resist ears like his, they look so soft. Hopefully his new home will be full of stinky things to sniff!

  3. Oh, he looks like a sweetie! I really hope that he gets a home soon!

  4. The Torture!! I am in love. He could come play with the girls. Coonhound love!!

  5. What a seriously cute boy! Thanks for promoting a Coonhound. They get such a bad rap and they are awesome dogs.

  6. I can almost hear him howl. aroooooo!