Wednesday Without Words – It’s Scooter!

Soon to be Adoptable in Central NY – Scooter

Foster Puppy Scooter on the stairs

I love to climb. Up or down, it doesn't matter.


Scooter and Honey

I also play nicely with other dogs.

Scooter on the drafting table

Did I say I like to climb? I'll be ready to be adopted soon at the Tompkins County SPCA.

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  1. I do love Scooter, any chance Honey wants a ‘permanent’ brother. Can you adopt him out with the caveat it must be to a blogger so we can keep up with his progress/growth? 😉

  2. So cute….bet he finds a home super fast. Thanks again for fostering him!

  3. Scooter is just so precious. I can’t see it taking very long for him to find a forever home!

  4. Aw! I hope Scooter finds a good home, maybe with another dog like Honey. I bet he’ll miss her when he goes!

  5. Aw… Scooter is just so darn adorable.

  6. Oh is he CUTE! That last pic had me laughing though – someone’s going to have their hands full with him. 😉

  7. HOW did Scooter get up the table?

    you know, when i read blogs about fosters, i realise i can never be one because i would want to keep them all. [as evidenced by Georgia.] don’t you think Scooter would make Honey a terrific friend? don’t you?

  8. He has such big paws! I can’t seem to put my finger on what he looks like – maybe part Dane? If so, he’s gonna be one big hunky boy!

  9. Already?? Seems like he just got here. :( He is such a little doll. Can I say that about a male puppy?? Love those big paws and floppy ears…sigh

  10. Wicked cute! I love those big floppy paws. I can almost smell the puppy breath :)

  11. Scooter is such a cutie! I’m sure he’ll be adopted in no time.

  12. He is just adorable! I love the picture of Honey playing with him – too cute!

  13. Great writing Pam! I was laughing the whole time reading about Scooter. Yes, the new owner will have their hands full, but he’s SUCH a good puppy (other than the climbing thing.)

    Jodi – don’t get the thought of adoption in her brain. I need her to foster more dogs for me! :-) (I’m the Beth mentioned in the first story about Scooter.)

  14. How old is Scooter now? I live in fear of the day when Kuster is able to climb things and jump up on the couch. It’s our only sanctuary! When that day comes, the Greyhounds will NOT be amused!

  15. I think Scooter might be part mountain goat! It sure was nice of you to share your cereal with him. 😀