We Know What You Want

Honey and I know what you want. And we’re going to give it to you.

It’s only 23 days until spring.

Honey the Golden Retriever sniffs at Conley Park in Ithaca.

Spring blossoms! I hope no one is allergic.

And 116 days until summer.

Golden Retriever at the beach

In summer I get to show off my bathing suit.
Of course, it’s the same as my snow suit.

Sorry friends in the southern hemisphere. But we’ve earned this. With backs aching from shoveling snow and with frozen noses and fingers.

Your Turn: Have you started counting the days to warmer weather?


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  1. Yes, we most definitely have…we’re with you on this one Honey! We love Spring/Summer and are counting the days, paws crossed it’s not long to go! WW Woofs from The Dogvine Crew

  2. I can see why you are looking forward to warmer temps. All that snow makes me cold just looking at it. I can’t imagine trying to live in it, day after day after day after day.

  3. 23 Days, we can do it!!! Crossing my fingers that all our snow melts by then! lol

  4. Lovely warm shots.

  5. The countdown begins!

  6. Thank you….I needed that! And yes, I am counting the days. I hope before we know it we’ll be complaining about the mud. :)

  7. A resounding…..YES!

  8. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

  9. HA! Counting “no” I just decided to drink my way through winter BOL

  10. No, we mourn the rotten winter we have had with a lack of cold and snow. We are not warm weather fans and spring only means a huge mess. Fall, winter, more our times of the year, but we know most like spring and summer better.

  11. Yes! I can’t wait til Spring! I can deal with the heat but I don’t go well with the cold. Sp thrilled winter is almost over.

  12. So much yes. When I got out of bed this morning, opened the blinds, and spotted MORE snow falling, I really debated whether or not to cry. (I didn’t. But I wanted to.) But, boy, am I done!

  13. I don’t mind the cold temperatures so much when the sun is shining; but I am SO ready for the freezing rain/sleet mix that we usually get instead of snow to go away permanently!! We had snow ONE day, and as usual it didn’t even last a full day in those areas of the yard that get more sun than others. So, I’m not ready for more rain — albeit warmer rain — that Spring is sure to bring. What I’m ready for is SUNSHINE, whether it’s 32 degrees or 72 degrees outside makes no difference to me. I’m just tired of cloudy days when even 45 degrees goes right through me and chills my bones.